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Börse Stuttgart and Barclays to Launch a Crypto-Exchange Application

This year the second largest crypto stock exchange, ‘Börse Stuttgart’ is about to launch a trading application of crypto currency. This app is going to be lauched by the Fin tech bourse, Sowa Labs and the app is called ‘BISON’. There are many good features of app as the official website will not charge any fees and social media like Twitter posts will be helpful for the users as their can be informed of market sentiments. . It will initially offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite coin and Ripple trading crypto currencies and rest will be added soon.

Borse Stuttgart will display the sample of application on trade show this week. In January 2018 Stuttgart have $7.5 billion of turnover as it established in 1860.

Sowa Labs managing director Ulli Spankowski says “Bison is the first crypto traditional stock exchange app in the world as it will make trading easy in digital currencies”.

While on the other hand according to the ICO Journal the British bank is opening a trading desk a new crypto currency exchange platform. Barclays had some hard time from 2008 as it has many financial penalties on them due some illegal practices by the its employees who are sanctioned for such practices and the bank is agreed to pay $2 billion to US authorities and recently it came to know that it had incurred the loss of £1.9 billion in 2017 on other hand it condemn that the bank has paid a bonus £20 million to its manager.

The Barclay recently has joined hands with San-Francisco an crypto currency exchange platform Coin base as a customer.

For a first time it is going to happen the major British bank is going to marketing the digital currency as customer.

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