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Cajutel will takeover 80 percent of Internet users in West Africa, it’s a JIO 4G of West Africa

Cajutel is Going to revolutionize West Africa by serving High-speed Internet in very Affordable Price.Cajutel is all set to disrupt the world of Telecom. The world will Witness another 4G revolution Like JIO 4G and this time in West Africa, Cajutel will take over the whole Telecom sector by Storm.

We live in remarkable circumstances when the world is at the beginning of a Digital Revolution. The rise of technologies, for example, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SMAC and Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping the century generally while posturing significant difficulties to organizations as far as Innovation and reskilling, developing new generation products and solutions, partnering and creating value for the customers and most importantly survive the technical tempest. Each industry, be it manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, entertainment, is going Digital, grasping the quickly developing technologies not simply to keep being applicable and maintain a strategic distance from out of date quality yet, in addition, to acquire the market and seize opportunities offered by the Transformation.

Everyone has heard of Reliance Jio, the name which is ruling the Telecom industry of India. since after few days from its commercial launch, Jio is turning into a revolution in the Telecom industry of India.The same revolution Cajutel is going to Bring in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa which will disrupt the African telecom.

The best part about Cajutel is its widespread Network Coverage. Cajutel will nearly cover the all aspects of the nation. indeed, even in remote regions where other Telecom organizations can’t give appropriate facility to make essential calls or Internet Browsing. with Cajutel, People can utilize the High-Speed Internet and can make best quality Voice calls.Their scheme of serving best speed internet and Quality calls will make it even more popular among the people and forced other mobile operators to shut down as they couldn’t match up to the bar which Cajutel is going to set.

How Customers Get Benefit?

Cajutel is Guaranteed by MIGA a member of the World Bank Group, If anything happens to this Project, By selling the assets MIGA will pack back the Investment+Profit (Expected Profit on Investment Till the date)

In Telecom Sector, there is a term called EBITDA, which is figured on the premise of sum Invested in setting up the Network inside the range of around 1km. Telecom organizations are assessed on the premise of aggregate EBITDA, High EBITDA is identical to High Valuation. Cajutel will serve 4G Network and their EBITDA to Build 4G coverage will be 8X to 20X of AT&T.If AT&T’s present EBITDA is $30, Then Cajutel’s EBITDA will be Price around $300 to $700.In a couple of years in the event that we figure Dividend as Described In their Market Plan it will be around $52.

A market waiting to be explored

In terms of telecommunications development, especially internet service, Guinea Bissau is a virgin market. Presently occupied by just two mobile services in MTN and Orange that are operating at bandwidths that are very much below competitive quality in the industry, any robust option will definitely grab the existing virgin market.

This, in turn, will lead to a symbiotic relationship where the economic development of the entire nation will be revolutionized and the servicing company profiting from the existing market.

ICO Using Blockchain Technology

To achieve its goals, Cajutel is embarking on an ICO in order to raise the needed capital for this project.

“This has become necessary due to the existing difficulty in getting huge investors and venture capitalists to embrace the project using existing traditional processes. Cajutel’s ICO is different from most other token sales because, in Cajutel’s case, company shares are exchanged for cryptocurrencies. Unlike other ICOs where tokens bought by investors exist afterward as independent entities in the cryptocurrencies marketplace, Cajutel’s tokens are tied directly to the project as shares”, says Fink.

Considering the importance of the high-speed internet to modern day development, also seeing the response of countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and other West African countries, Guinea-Bissau appears to be a ready market that is waiting to be tapped into. This impression is further encouraged by the friendliness of the government towards new investors entering the nation.

Catujel’s ICO approach is an offer towards long-term benefits for all classes of investors from anywhere in the world. This is made possible by the decentralized nature of blockchain technology.

ICO participants will automatically become company shareholders who will be involved in future decision-making processes of the company and also remain beneficiaries of the expected expansion benefits as the company spreads its services across the region and beyond.

What if you get a Chance to invest in a Project Like “JIO4G” which is gonna Make a Great Profit and good return on investment opportunity.

Please, for more details, Contribute before November 18, 2017 in Cajutel’s ongoing token sale, Current discount 62%, Limited Tokens Left. For Queries, you can join the Telegram Channel.

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