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Canada is the world’s leading country for crypto mining and block chain technology

Canada has arisen as a leading crypto country in the world on its innovation, low costs, high internet speed and favorable administration.

Adopted Ethereum block chain technology with various applications in finance, legal, health, education, national and many international currencies companies etc.

When it comes to implementation of block chain technology Canada ranks third after U.K and U.S. Computer scientist and Cornell professor said that Ethereum is more distributed after bitcoin in the world.

Ethereum block chain provides second generation open source software platform  with having proper scripted language  with proper created and trusted  decentralized network protocol in the same way Santoshi Nakamoto has also designed powerful and decentralized  peer-to –peer Bitcoin payment with smart contracting, called scripting and Canada’s dominance has adopted Ethereum as exchange platform and for block chain innovation.

The chief architect of Ethereum Foundation Nick Johnson says:

“We are building a bridge between the human readability of cryptographic addresses and machine readability.  While some others are working similar platforms that they feel may have their own advantages, the size of the development teams around Ethereum ballooned with initial spikes in interest to something larger than anything else in the space. With that, application development, innovation in scaling and other areas followed the trend, thereby creating a snowball effect.”

There are many important features in Ethereum like it is decentralized applications so whatever operations users want to create they can create and its features allows the platform to store and run computer program which enables developers to build it; Ethereum has trusted records of assets and transactions.

Currently Ethereum is the second highest valued crypto currency at $63 Billion. Ethereum Swiss Foundation is financed by the ETH so that the developers may pay for its transactions fees and services on the Ethereum network.

Ron Resnick, Executive Director of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance which launched last year says:

“EEA serves as the connective tissue between Ethereum Block chain and the evolving enterprise industry with over 450 members from all around the world — 135 in the Banking Work Group —

A non- resident of Canada is treated same as Canadian resident same norms are applicable on them as followed by Canadian residents

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