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China To Adopt …Centralized CryptoCurrency!!!

Yao Qian,The Head Of  The People’s Bank of China’s (PBoC) Digital Currency Research Institute asserted The Need Of A Government  CryptoCurrency ,as an immediate measure to help bring stability to its fiat currency.

Elaborating ,at an International Telecommunication Union meeting, this week,He said “cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin  lack value because they are not anchored to either intrinsic value or a state-backed currency, a government-backed digital currency would provide even more pricing stability than conventional fiat currency.”as reported by regional news source Yicai.

So,The Decentralized Blockchain Technology, though appealing in security, transperancy, effectivity  and low cost implementation , is yet to strike ,The Right Note, with ,The Safe Investors  and  Few Governments!!!


Neverthless,The World Awaits, The Arrival Of… The China Coin!!!


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