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Ethereum’s Developer breaks silence, wants his refund of 40,000 ether

One of EIP 867 co-creators and an early programmer victim needs his 40,000 Ethers back.

James Levy who had received 40,000 ether from the Ethereum Foundation in late 2015, for creating an early smart contracting tool. But three weeks later, the reward was gone, depleted from his wallet in what may be the biggest hack of a single wallet in the historical backdrop of the ethereum platform.

Levy has been silent on this topic ever since. But now, he wants refund his Ethers to fund a new venture called TapTrust, Levy is now appealing to get refund on his ethers, and failing that, he’s turning to the community to implement hard fork, to better facilitate the return of funds lost on the platform.

Ethereum’s community has divided into two groups where a lot of developers are concerned that this proposition may slaughter the Ethereal philosophy and cause damage to the system.

This might be a controversial step taken by Levy , but he feels that going public with his story might sway the current debate.

“Particularly in light of something like a hack, it’s a very important issue for the community, and it’s one that, I think, the network and the platform of ethereum and the community, we need to figure out,

As adoption continues to rise, and ethereum is increasingly adapted for use in enterprise organizations, “Ultimately, I think it comes down to, are we an economic system that lives outside the rest of society and the legal system? Are we totally separate from that? Or, are we somehow going to interface with these things?”

Levy told CoinDesk in an exclusive interview.


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