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Sony is looking forward to use Block chain Technology for Digital Data

‘Sony’ the Japanese technology is looking forward to use block chain technology to store digital data.  The user may loses all the hopes if they system or provided lockers gets out of the business or fails down due to error. In an application the Sony described the digital rights management (DRM) solutions which their use is to store their data is not rely and reliable for use.

A block chain could store the required identification information to ensure users could watch the products they purchase, according to the filing. As DRM systems refer to technologies that limit access to copyrighted materials only to those who purchase access For example, Ultra Violet, have a cloud-based locker for digital rights.

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony jointly filed an application and the document purposely on cites movies which are the example of type of media whose system could be applied to. But Sony also argued that block chain system can manage rights over other data like movies, television, video, music, audio, games, scientific data, medical data, etc.”

In application their described that what are the advantages of the block chain technology in each code the users rights will be encoded on the specified block chain. This blocks will begin with a genesis block which will store identified information about each and every user it is for those user which in need of certain content for buying the movie download these kind of rights are the example of the block chain system.

Simultaneously, a block chain would be verified and will decode the required block whenever the media will need it with the help of DRM computers.

Authenticate user data and Manage education data are the other means of applications which Sony is previously looking for.



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