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Twitter and Bitcoin war is ragging, still no accounts are safe for use

The war between Twitter and Bitcoin has gone to the great extent as the account is not safe on Twitter. Now, people have complete that high-tech investment is turning the hackers are using symbols of real account and Twitter is unable to protect users from fake accounts. All though crypto currency has became very popular and important on social media.

The world’s largest exchange of fake accounts known as tech visionaries, fraudulent put up photo ID, making and using fake account on Twitter with its “blue check mark”.

The hacker has already hacked film producer and director Seif Elsbei and then posted as thr official account of the verge crypto currency. Then the hacker has started posting messages on crypto currency accounts like Bitfinex and Ethereum.

This same thingv of account hacking happened with verified account of “Protafield” the hacker changed its name and detail of the account and this proved that Twitter approve the fake account with blue check mark. By giving blue mark Twitter is becoming more dangerous its not easy to verify which is real account or fake account.


A spokesperson says:

“We dedicate a lot of resources towards combating illegitimate Twitter accounts and educating our users on how to spot them. However, our impact on certain sites is limited.”

Nick Lucas said that “it is very easy for the scammers to learn quickly the use of high technical language and important terminologies and then use this language and terminologies very easily on social media but it won’t be enough to figure out scammers”. The issue of changing hands made it more confusing that the account  can change hands as bitcoin has created bitcoin network and created create bitcoin cash, the @bitcoin Twitter who was operating many owner over the years and the current one is an anonymous bitcoin cash fan. A bitcoin cash supporter and communications ambassador for debated and said

“These social media networks should not allow handles to be censored or shut down arbitrarily, just because a bunch of people do not like it.”

The Twitter blue check mark is very important as it gives proof of real account, and it will be at top of searches and following.

Twitter confirmation is not approved yet which is influencing the crypto currency market. Lucas says that he has seen correlation between tweets from leading Twitter accounts and market volatility. Twitter not only makes us see crypto price or token value but it also gives negative impact on followers. If hackers hacks any bif following tweet it will give negative impact on everyone, “Lucas concluded”.


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