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Twitter is unable to verify scams of Verge Crypto currency Account

Verge is now the latest victims. As Twitter verifies a scam against official verge account with some unspecified crypto currency dealing which is illegal, meanwhile, Verge account is yet to get its blue badge and verified on Jack Dorsey’s social media site but because of twitter scams it is quite difficult to deal with Verge.

Verge is vaunt for its privacy and security, previously the verge account suffered with a twitter hack and asked Twitter to do ID check between the real and unverified Verge account as both account tweeted with Twitter for following messages and calls.

Now it has became little confusing for Twitter to verify the real account as it has stopped ICO     and Crypto currency ads in March and the legitimacy demand between the real and fake account  ‘blue badge’ will create confusion for the followers as the world is corrupted with fake crypto currency.

The fraud account of Verge has set its highlights on Bitfinex an crypto currency exchange. It can easily make fake accounts like this and can verify status same as Verge, previously, they were copying Verge and recently tweeting with Bitfinex. The blue bookmark will signify a verified Twitter account. Today, Verge investors are taking some profits; Verge has decided to do partnership with Mind geek as it will support the start up’s of block chain of crypto currency.

As this is not first time that Twitter has insulted crypto currency assistants many times it happened before and Twitter is in trouble how to verify a Twitter account of Verge’s co–founder Jack Dorsey who is been part of Bitcoin and consortium (back Lightning Labs). As, many touting is going on bitcoin rival, Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Twitter need to clump down on crypto currencies and on other need to find out the real and fake account is quite difficult because both seems to be same but it’s up to Twitter how to figure it out.

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