Greif Expressed by Bjarne Stroustrup over the use of ‘C++’ in Bitcoins’ Algorithm

  •  C++ the brainchild of Bjarne Stroustrup is the core language used in Bitcoin mining.
  • A recent interview podcast with Lex Freidman illustrated the C++ creator’s view on the use of C++ language in Bitcoin functioning.

C++ the brainchild of Bjarne Stroustrup is the core language used in the Bitcoin mining and functioning algorithm. A recent interview podcast with Lex Freidman on the 7th of November illustrated the C++ creator’s view on the use of C++ language in Bitcoin functioning.   

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This came into light and the C++ creator made a comment stating that C++ creation was for the sole purpose of betterment of the available technology and enhance quality and in contrast to this Bitcoin developed using C++ language was quite doing the opposite, this was expressed with a lament by its creator Bjarne Stroustrup.

He quoted that he never knew that C++ would be implemented as the core language to develop Bitcoin, which showcased disappointment on Satoshi Nakamoto. Bjarne said the programming languages have huge user bases and to the surprise, it is mostly used in irrelevant functioning than the purpose the language was created for.

He mentioned that the idea of digital currency is very much good, but it is doing more harm than any good, the consumption of power involving in Bitcoin mining globally is equivalent to the power consumption by the entire country of Switzerland. And to focus on the more negative aspects, its a hot tub for illegal activities including scamming, money laundering, funding for terrorists and other anti-human organizations.

C++ language was created as a general-purpose programming language for the development of productive software and other related purposes. C++ is a special function language descended from the basic C language.

On a different horizon, many Bitcoin mining industries are trying to overcome higher power consumption by switching to renewable energies as the source for mining to develop an eco-friendly environment. One such company,  Northern Bitcoin AG conducted some tests to check their new air colling system and rig to infuse with their Bitcoin mining infrastructure.

The company shred in a report that it uses renewable energy to do the mining and to obtain optimum efficiency and sustenance. As a whole a new report said that Bitcoin mining is going green, the increased computer power to do the mining now requires less amount of power to fuel the mining process.

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Steve Anderrson
Steve Anderson is an Australian crypto enthusiast. He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years. Steve has worked as a crypto trader, he loves learning about decentralisation, understanding the true potential of the blockchain.

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