GoodDollar- A Way to Bring Global Financial Equality?


GoodDollar- A Way to Bring Global Financial Equality?

  • The non-profit organization, GoodDollar’s project ‘Universal Basic Income’ completes its 1 year in November.
  • This project aims to reduce the dominance of USD from the global market and create a sense of equality.
  • It also hosted an event ‘Hackinequality’, which is said to worlds the first hackathon whose aim was to reduce global wealth inequality.

GoodDollar a non-profit organization aims to create equality in the global market and reduce dollar dominance, for this purpose it uses its own cryptocurrency GoodDollar. By this, they also help poor companies to become powerful and climb out the pits of poverty.

This project was launched by Yoni Assia, Chief Executive officer of eToro in the year 2018. The main feature of this network is that it is a type of donation network which divided all its value in equal proportion to all its users through UBI technology.

Future of GoodDollar

The good dollar was started with the basic funding of 1 million dollars by eToro, with the help of which it is about to launch a beta version of its own wallet application in the starting months of 2020.

According to Tal Oron, GoodDollar is working very hard and efficiently to attract more funding from the European Market and they have officially been recognized as a non-profit company in the market.

He also added that eToro will be helping the company with funding on 1.5 million USD in the upcoming year and they are also expecting an Impact Grant from EU Horizon 2020 with the help of blockchain.

Achievements of GoodDollar

It is the first Blockchain-based program to be presented at the international level Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) event held at UBI-Nordic in April 2019.

It helped in creating the OpenUBI environment, which helps in collaboration and discussions about UBI’s technical implementations, this happened in November 2019. It also hosted an event ‘Hackinequality’, which was said to be the worlds first hackathon whose aim was to reduce global wealth inequality.

Gooddollar’s team is also active in spreading information about uses of Blockchain at major technology conferences in the world which can help crucially in reducing USD’s domination in the global market.

About 2020

GoodDollar was presented at the OECD Blockchain Policy Forum in Paris by Mr Assia, he said if as the blockchain technology has boomed in the last decade it’s a great chance to bring financial equality in the world by using GoodDollar platform.

And by its continuing effort in 2020 Gooddollar aims to collect more funding in the year 2020 and create more partnerships to provide a cheaper, better and more reliable payment platform that will help people to climb out the pits of poverty.

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