Heat Rises in the Case of Bitman Vs the United American Corp

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Heat Rises in the Case of Bitman Vs the United  American Corp

  • The lawsuit filed by the United American Corp against the China-Based Company Bitman.
  • The request of dismissing the lawsuit against them denied by the United Corp keeping them enlisted in United States’ antitrust list.
  • Bitman is also active in making huge investments in Texas-Based data centers.

The fight between the United American Corp, the cryptocurrency company and the Bitman, China-based mining company doesn’t seem to resolve as the United Corp doesn’t agree to dismiss the lawsuit they filled in the year 2018 against Bitman.

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It all started when the Bitman implicated that United Corp was unable to deliver its services on the time settled by the companies, the United Corp claimed that they delivered all the services during the allotted time and the CEO of Bitman, Jihan Wu is making those accusations to be protected from the lawsuit filed by the United Corp.

The case against Bitman

Bitman still stood strong on its accusation stating that United Corp missed their deadline by four working days, and they couldn’t take any action against it, as they must have some power in the United States to face a trial.

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United Corp denied those accusations too stating that the CEO of the company, Jihan Wu lives in the state of California so he is well known by the lawsuits of the U.S.A. and United Corp have claimed to prove this if the court requires it.

They also pointed out an IPO filed by Bitman in the United Stated making a strong point against Bitman’s previous statement.

Bitman is also active in making huge investments in Texas-Based data centers.

And this doesn’t end here, Bitman has its roots even deeper than it seems, they have had a lot more business deals in U.S.A beforehand.

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About Bitman

Bitman is known for the development of Crypto Mining Gears and is one of the biggest names in this segment. They have been constantly working on the new projects and have recently introduced two new mining device models in the existing Antminer series.

The aim of the company is to create a power-efficient Cryptocurrency mining environment and have more output in less energy utilization.

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