Relaunch of a Legendary Game ‘The Way of the Tiger’ on the Blockchain Platform

Relaunch of a Legendary Game ‘The Way of the Tiger’ on the Blockchain Platform

  • Blockchain and Microsoft have collaborated to relaunch a game ‘The Way of the Tiger’.
  • Initially based on a novel by Jamie Thomson it will be having Crypto coins as a game token.

A legendary game ‘The Way of the Tiger’ is announced to be relaunched by the VeChain Thor backed by Microsoft, the game will contain non-useable crypto coins as game tokens.

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Previously also games like CryptoKittes, Gods Unchained, etc based on the same theme of having non-fungible coins have been launched by the Blockchain network and now ‘The way of the tiger’ will add into the list.

About the old version

The first version of the game was released in 1980 by Jamie Thomson. The game was based on the story of a novel in which a young samurai is on a journey to take revenge for his foster father and recover his family’s stolen heirlooms and artifacts.

Previously the author of the story ‘Jamie Thomson’ thought of relaunching the game exactly as based on the novel but then he decided to submerge the story with the many famous digital assets.

The author also announced that Eidos and Fable will be in the team with IT giant Microsoft in the process of developing the game. This will be a huge opportunity for the gaming production start-up Eidos and Fable to be working on such a huge project with Microsoft.

Reasons for choosing VeChain Blockchain

Although the project was initially assigned to the Ethereum Blockchain and basic design was provided by them it was transferred to the VeChain Blockchain because of fewer complications associated with it, it is decided that the game will be based on a supply-chain management system which will be provided by VeChain Blockchain.

Another reason to select VeChain Blockchain is that while creating the game’s items and cards in VeChain Blockchain they would not have to deal with any other crypto stuff; it also provides a feature of ‘Fee delegation’ which will help in transferring cards and token without using actual cryptocurrency. The game is set to be released in the year 2020 according to the plan set.

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