The Block: DXM to Launch a New Custodian ‘Upbit safe’

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The Block: DXM to Launch a New Custodian ‘Upbit safe’

  • The adoption of the cryptocurrency field in Korea is done at a much lower pace than that of the surrounding countries.
  • In order to bring more opportunities to the investors of Korea DXM and ledger are combining forces to provide a solution to this problem.

DXM is a company that offers cryptocurrency financial services out of South Korea; this was founded in the year 2019; it is the subsidiary of Dunamu.

Ledger is a Paris, France based company which offers security-related services for cryptocurrency. The new service that’s going to be launched by these two partnering companies is called ‘Upbit safe’; it is used for improving trading efficiency and providing high security to clients under DXM by using the hardware technology of Ledger.

The first and foremost plan of the DXM and Ledger company is to draw customers who are already involved in cryptocurrencies. Eric yoo.

Yoo stated that as DXM has an advantage as it is the largest exchange in South Korea, the company has many assets to offer the Upbit safe that are already owned by Dunamu and help Upbit safe to become successful.

“The combination of ledger vault’s security and DXM’s technology will increase the market of DXM in South Korea.”

The Ledger Company set up their operations in HongKong for Aisa Pacific region about a year ago, by partnering with DXM, Ledger companies aim to expand the services to more countries in the area will be full filled and its technology will have significant exposure among clients of Korea.

Yoo is confident that partnership with DXM puts Ledger in a perfect position to welcome investors, and staff at Dunamu have an ideal understanding of the regulations that exist now.

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