Justin Sun’s TRON Set to Capture the Market Attention

Justin Sun's TRON Set to Capture the Market Attention

  • The TRON foundation released their weekly report.
  • The report Highlights achievement of tron and it’s technical Development.
  • The report claims that Tron’s blockchain has crossed over 15.28 million milestones.

When the whole picture of cryptocurrency is quite disappointing, the blockchain shows significant progress despite the market conditions. With their latest report presented by TRON, the network was able to capture more than 3.38 million transactions this week.

The report describes the impressive figures TRON has made and praises about Tron’s latest technical advancements, taking care of Dapp and on-chain data systems like shielded transaction and one-click blockchain deployment.

On Chain Report

TRON’s on-chain data recorded based on the number of users, block height, and amount of transactions have a considerable raise compared to last week. The Tron weekly report claims that Tron’s blockchain has crossed over 15.28 million milestones. Interestingly, the blockchain nodes are still number at 911. The amount of new addresses has totaled over 37,672 in the past week. Therefore, the amount of user accounts on its blockchain has crossed over 4,282,479. The number of transactions on the TRON network crossed 826 million.

Tron DApp Review

Tron has the most extensive Dapp networking system in the blockchain industry. This week numbers of active Dapp addresses have reached 645 with the growth rate of 0.9% as compared to last week, and with the dapp networking system, 3.68 million transactions hosted, taking the trading volume to $28.41 million. This is surprising as the market is facing severe downturns as a whole.

As per DappReview, Tron received over 200k visits in the last week while other cryptocurrencies like ETH and EOS both remained behind with around 100k visits.

Community Update

BitTorrent December airdrop for Tron Holders completed. China Electronic Information Industry Department (CCID), in its latest issue of Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, ranked TRON among the world’s top three major DApp platforms, joining the ranks of EOS and Ethereum. Moreover, TRON ranks first among other Chinese public chain projects, living up to its reputation as China’s NO.1 public chain.

Justin Sun has shown that his companies remain to be the significant players within the blockchain world. China’s influential media Jinse Finance organized “Keeping Pace with the Times” shortlisted Justin sun to be the Outstanding Industry Contributor of 2019. He has proved himself resourceful despite the capacity of his owned company. He was shortlisted to be the most popular IP of the blockchain industry.

According to TRONSCAN, the total number of addresses has risen from 4190559 to 4257369 over the last two weeks. Data from DAppReview indicates that TRON based Dapp received over 200k visits this week, while ETH and EOS received only 100k visits.

Mainstream Adoption

NetEase, a well-recognized Chinese media, has recently published an article about Tron to be China’s No.1 blockchain making its debut under Global Spotlight. The report claims that Samsung now supports TRC10 and TRC20 standards, which means that developers all over the globe can now operate on Dapps in Samsung mobile wallet by downloading the SDK.

An Arabian media Ar.Oxzx.com published in their latest reports that only BTC was more widely accepted than TRON on twitter as per cointrend.

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