Facebook’s Libra Core Released Roadmap #2

Libra Roadmap 2
Libra Roadmap 2
Facebook's Libra Core Released Roadmap #2
  • Libra has been the hottest topic in the finance market.
  • Facebook’s very own blockhain venture libra core recently released it’s second Roadmap.

Libra is dedicated to improvising the financial infrastructure by implementing a programmable, decentralized database empowering the enterprises.

Following the successful operational utilities of Libra core roadmap #1, Licra association has announced the second roadmap for Libracore. It’s software to improve the efficiency of the Libra network.

Libra Core Roadmap #2

The main focus of the developers in its second phase will be to develop the Libra pre-mainnet to Libra mainnet. Pre mainnet was a toddler step aiding to bring more nodes online without disturbing the current operations of the testnet. Pre-mainnet, as an initiative, was accessible only to partner nodes allowing them to connect, and eight validator nodes deployed to Libra pre-mainnet.

Lastly, they will stress the importance of educating the member of the Libra community and association members on the technical aspect of the libra network.

The final mission of the mainnet is to deploy nodes for all partners on the network — nodes designed to operate on a cloud-hosted infrastructure.

Deploying eight validator nodes to Libra pre-mainnet is a new strategy undertaken for nontechnical members. These members could take the help of technical assistance or the third party to deploy their validator node.

The developers are finalizing the external APIs with the aid of Libra protocol. In terms of deploying full nodes, there have complete node MVP done and have pushed to testnet.

There is fortune progress in terms of TCB and serialization. Other key features include addressing or interoperability in which they are moving ahead with workshop sessions at the Libra core summit and reliability and testing for which developers have collaborated with cluster test to discover bugs in mempool, measures TPS, and latency. With the current need to simplify ‘state synchronization’ flow, devs are working on the ‘waypoints’ front.

Libra Slack Workspace

They have created a Libra Slack Workspace, a platform for several discussion channels to help grow this community. The Association identified metrics in two ways. They are technical metrics, which include parameters related to the Libra protocol software and nontechnical metrics, which are related to the Libra association.

Going forward with its strategic operations, Libra focuses on the engagement level within the community. The plans are very well discussed amongst the developers and are completely transparent.

Libra Core Summit was held in mid-November 2019 for association members to create a community aware of the technical aspects of Libra network.

Libra aims to form an organization with the vision of being a self-service model to scale to 100 members.

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