The future of Insurance Industry by Joltee

The future of Insurance Industry by Joltee

Joltee rents electric vehicles to its driver community at a competitive price against the permission to leverage their driving behaviour data. The pay-how-you-drive startup incubated at Generali has been building an ecosystem of insurance, energy and mobility companies aiming at putting the driver back in the center with a pretty simple idea: the safer you drive, the more rewarded you get. The reward is a blockchain-based utility coin named “Jolt” enabling holder to pay insurance or electricity bills or even to unlock extra services, far away from the “You break, you pay philosophy”. 4_5830364176710633370

Insurance companies increase their productivity and enlarge their business opportunities.

Incentivizing drivers to adjust speed to circumstances, to take nice corners, to park skillfully among others decrease the number of accidents, helping insurance companies to decrease the costly claims they need to process. Morevore, fully digitalized contracts also pave the way for significant productivity gains. In the meantime, insurance companies partnering with Joltee receive insightful data about driving behaviours through a monitoring dashboard. Data are stored in a secured and transparent blockchain-based platform.

Leasing one’s electric vehicle

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If you own or rent an electric vehicle, you can earn money by leasing it through the Joltee platform to a skilled and caring community while benefiting from Joltee insurance products and reward program. Since drivers receive Jolts when driving well and when taking care of shared vehicles, you can trust the renter to be a cautious one. Renters need nothing but the Joltee application on their smartphone to turn the vehicle on.

Building a friendly and helpful community

Drivers can also gamble their Jolts by challenging their friends in a “Who is the best driver” contest, referred by Joltee’s driving skill scoring calculation. But Joltee also made sure that each driver is incitized to be helpful toward other members. As an example, if you get community member to carpool, you will earn Jolts, while your co-passenger will know for sure that, being a Joltee member, you can be trusted being as a skilled driver.

Enjoy the “respectful driver” grade

A good driver being cautious for rented vehicles will acquirer a higher “respectful driver” grade. This means he or she will be able to rent more luxury electric vehicles at a competitive price, regardless the vehicle type (bike, scooters, standard cars, fancy cars). Indeed, sharing one’s Google Maps-based driving data helps Joltee to identify the best drivers and to lower associated insurance costs. Being young should not mean paying additional expensive insurances fees !

Ongoing private token sale

With many more developments in the pipeline ahead of the Joltee launch in March 2020, the ERC20 JOLT utility tokens can be purchased with a 50% discount until 30 January 2020 in an ongoing private sale through a secured platform managed by Joltee high-profile partner Swisscom Blockchain. Following that, a general token sale will take place, with 40% of funds raised going to platform development. Finally, the token will be available on the most famous exchanges in Q2 2020.

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Steve Anderson is an Australian crypto enthusiast. He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years. Steve has worked as a crypto trader, he loves learning about decentralisation, understanding the true potential of the blockchain.

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