Twitter is Now Exploding With Variegated Reviews On Crypto Fund

Twitter is Now Exploding With Variegated Reviews On Crypto Fund

  • Twitter witnessed ranging opinions on cryptocurrency in year 2020 and beyond.
  • The Cryptocurrency Advocate, Nathanial Whittemore posted tweet of Ash Egan and Avichal Garg having different point over cryptocurrency funds.

The most hotshot platform to express personal views is now blowing up with varied opinions on cryptocurrencies. Some sharing reviews in favor of cryptocurrencies, and the rest saying crypto won’t last this year.

A communication strategy and content marketer for the crypto industry, Nathanial Whittemore made a similar post on twitter.

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One of the posts had Ash Egan’s review saying that more and more funds are being allocated into US crypto funds; these funds are classified into three categories.


The first one being three sets of mega-funds with an estimated figure of $300 Million. The second one being called large funds with four sets of distribution within the range of $100 Million to $300 million. The last collection of funds named sub-funds with four sets of $100 Million all being distributed in the states, the funding is unknown.

However, it is all known to be invested into something more significant than the usual crypto-related project. Ash Egan ended his post with saying 2020 is going to be the year of cryptos.

Avichal Garg, who is a start-up specialist, made a contradictory statement on the growth of cryptos for this year. Mr. Garg, on his twitter handle, posted that he met and interviewed many crypto liquid investors and fund managers, for which he got the majority response saying that all the crypto investors are leaving the cryptocurrency to be left like that. He ended his post saying, most or all the investors he interviewed are surrendering to invest in cryptos.


Nathanial Whittemore posted this comparison, the viewers put up new comments under this post, saying that both for and contradicting reviews of reformed professionals should be interviewed on the same topic. Many of the comments agreed with both views altogether.

is institutional money capitulating and fleeing crypto?

Mike Dudas, the CEO of The Block and a group member Google pay launch team, also shared in a recent post regarding these contradicting views.

Mike Dudas said that both the contradicting opinions of multiple funds and investments in large packets being distributed in the States and the opposing comparison for this saying many fund managers and investors are leaving the crypto investments as it is.

He was surprised in his share of view, saying that both top-notch crypto investors are having inside knowledge of market movements and run. He ended the post asking a question to his viewers whether the fiat or institutional money is surrendering for cryptos or is going in a different direction with a possible new group.

Nathanial Whittemore, however, shared a comment on this post saying that both may be true, but two crypto heads are sharing their dynamic views on the subject. This post contained an array of comments, some showing positive response while some were showing negative entireties.

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