TRON Founder Criticized For Using Tragic Events for Promotion

  • Tron Founder, Justin Sun is known for his marketing stints whether it’s lunch with Buffet or Rivalry with Ethereum.
  • Justin Sun is now criticised for using the tragic incidents like coronavirus and Kobe Bryant’s death to promote his currency and upcoming niTRon summit.

Once again, Justin Sun, founder TRON is caught in the public eye, and this time he was criticized for promoting “TRX”, utilizing human tragedies. Recently Justin tweeted a tweet from in which he mentioned his desire to help the victim of china suffering from fatal coronavirus. Some provisions are recently also sent by the Justin team for helping the victims in china. 

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Justin also mentions in his tweet “TRON is on the way “indicating that the provision is going to be provided by the TRON organization for the victims of deadly coronavirus in china.

Justin Sun on Kobe Bryant’s Death

Days back, Justin also criticized for dedicating his next TRON summit in the name of the legendary basketball player “Kobe Bryant” as we are all aware that Kobe died a few days back in a terrible helicopter crash along with his daughter.

Justin also mentioned Kobe in his tweet and said: it was great to meet Kobe at Nitron 2019; you were one of the kindest names in my life. I am always going to remember that how you and I discussed the future of blockchain in niTROn 2019, and this time we will go to spend a minute of silence in honor of you at niTROn 2020. This tweet also received bad feedback and a bit of adverse reaction for using the human tragedies, to promote and gain attraction for TRON summit “niTROn 2020”. 

A twitter user replied to Justin’s tweet “one thing you should know Justin, using Kobes death as a marketing play speaks of your bad manners”. Also, many users noted a wrong response criticizing Justin sun for using Kobe for the promotion of their niTROn 2020. 

One user also mentioned that it is not always necessary to use the acquaintance with Kobe Bryant “as PR for the blockchain.” One even said “the words in the tweet would be sincere if the blockchain and niTROn were not mentioned in the tweet twice. Form the user perspective it looks like a bad commercial, probably also deliberate”. Not all the users criticized, some users also consider Justin tweet as respectful.   

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