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Tezos’ Presidential Succession: Decisions and Directions from the Former 

  • Ryan Jesperson, the president of the Tezos Foundation, recently made a statement on their official website regarding the institutions’ plans of the succession of the presidential position.
  • Tezos President to step down from its position and would withdraw from the Tezos Foundation board.

Tezos Foundation, a blockchain platform, known for its self-modification abilities via an on-chain governance model, stands among the giants of the blockchain market. Tezos blockchain efficiency is based on its lack of dependency on mining, a fundamental aspect on which other blockchain technologies depend upon. The “Position Paper,” a significant set of principles that played an important role in the blockchain industry, was the product of the present company.

In 2017, the company raised an amount, estimated around $232 Million through a fundraiser. An event marked as the basis for its present position in the blockchain market.

A talk from the “about to be” Departed 

Ryan Jesperson, the president of the Tezos Foundation, recently made a statement on their official website regarding the institutions’ plans of the succession of the presidential position. The statement began with Rayn’s objectives that were set out by him when he took the position as the president of the company. He stated that his objectives were aimed at pushing the company forward to attain its future goals.

The statement continued by underlining the fact that his role in the company has come to an end, and it’s time to find an appropriate person to replace his position. His statement was made clear upon stressing his disregard to participate in the reelection to the council. 

On the lines of succession, he accentuated his abstinence from nominating a candidate to his office. He stated that it was the duty of the present management to carry on the same. He also disclosed the council’s decision on forming a Nomination committee and its resolution to release a public statement concerning the rules and procedures to be followed by the Nomination Committee.

Tezos President Proposed Transparent Voting Process

Ryan proposed his views on the nomination criteria. He also emphasized the importance of conducting a formal search across the Tezos Community to ensure maximum participation. He also underlined that a proper feedback system must exist to avoid independent judgment in the nomination process. 

He concluded his final statement by conveying his intention to spend his retirement life with his family. He then quotes a paragraph from Theodore Roosevelt’s speech, which emphasized the individual who must be considered as the player and leader in any circumstance based on his abilities to make contributions and decisions devoting the work he does.

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