CEO Of IOHK Is Disappointed By The Critics

  • IOHK is a technology company and can be found online at
  • He highlighted the fact of how Cardano is converging into the best Cryptocurrencies in the world.
  • IOHK should not worry about the critic’s say.

What is IOHK? 

IOHK is a technology company and can be found online at It stands for research on Input-Output Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects. It aims at providing peer to peer platforms to the unbanked individuals around the world.

IOHK is best known among the crypto-sphere community for leading development on ETC (Ethereum Classic)

There are 6 core projects which are under development by IOHK and they are well known globally.

The six core projects are

Cardano – It is a blockchain platform which is still in development that IOHK claims that it is more advanced than any protocol yet developed.

Ethereum Classic – it is the continuation of the Original Ethereum blockchain which later split into ETC and ETH after the DAO incident.

Qeditas – it is a revival of the QED project designed to apply blockchain technology to support the construction of a library of formalized mathematics.

Scorex – Scorex is a platform that combines transactional structures, networking infrastructure and consenses protocols.

RS Coin – It aims at creating a platform with massive scalability and transactional capacity which can be seen as a payment system par to Visa and Mastercard.

IOHK CEO On Twitter

IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson recently made a tweet on how he is astonished by the fact that the critics who are criticizing IOHK cannot able to see the enormous success they made on their technology which they are working on and he slammed critics with a remark saying they either lack basic due diligence capabilities.

He highlighted the fact of how Cardano is converging into the best Cryptocurrencies in the world.

Cardano is indeed a decentralized platform that allows complex and rigid programmable transfers of value in a secure and scalable fashion. It is known to be the first in the blockchain which evolves out of scientific philosophy. It is also the first which gives research priority and first to be built on the Haskell programming language.

IOHK should not worry about the critics say and continue what they are doing because the world is seeing and IOHK projects are already making big headlines. The Critics mouth will be shut when IOHK evolves into something bigger than it is already.

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Sateesh Swaminanthan
I am a techsavy, otaku and Crytogeek. loves to talk and write about latest tech, new anime and happenings in Cryptosphere.

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