Basic Attention Token(BAT) Price Analysis: Heavy Plummet In The Prices of BAT

Vasu Singhal
Vasu Singhal is a management student and a stock market trader. He believes that investment avenues and opportunities are very diversified. Therefore, he has an interest in blockchain technology too. He likes to evaluate best investments available in the financial market with showcasing the required skills.
  • Due to the collapse of global market, Basic Attention Token is suffering a downfall in the prices.
  • The BAT/BTC pair is performing positively with the overall profit of 0.081%, bringing the level to 0.00002386.


On the 7day-weekly chart. Prices are volatile on the crucial normal mark. A crucial resistance of $0.130 is not allowing it to make a climb. The market condition is not good due to global factors like COVID-19 and trade deal went off between Russia and Saudi Arabia,   gradually making market venerable to sudden down fall.

There is a negative change of $ -1.81%in the prices of crypto currency.

Currently the price levels are struggling hard . Current market capital of BAT is $182,847,649 USD with volume traded of $58,056,754 USD and circulative supply is at 1,438,404,738 BAT.

BAT Technical Analysis:


Basic Attention Token’s Technical chart shows that prices are gradually falling with the bearish momentum, as they are going down  along the market. From the starting of this month there had been a gradual fall leading price to its lowest limit possible in a single day.

Technical Indicators are showing heavy increase in selling volume due the bearish dominance.

MACD levels suffering heavy bearish momentum with high selling volume due to the downward nature of market.

RSI struggled to maintain its presence in normal zone and fall twice. But manages to call of its day in bearish  normal region.

CCI reached lowest limit possible yet climbed back to the normal zone .

Resistance Level $0.130
Support Level  $0.120

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