Cardano Backed Blockchain to Store Educational Credential of Tbilisi State University of Georgia

  • Georgia will be marked as the first country to use Blockchain technology to store the educational credentials of individual students.
  • The Tbilisi State University of Georgia will use the Cardano (ADA) backed the Blockchain network to facilitate the new application.

The Blockchain platform will cryptographically store and secure academic credentials that are issued by the university. The Blockchain network will be able to save, track, and verify the records and credentials, and this application marks as the first country to leverage the Blockchain technology in the educational sector and public use.

The CEO of IOHK and the founder of Cardano will personally help in setting up the Blockchain network for the educational application in Georgia and help in building the next-generation credential verification system. The original proposal for the implementation of the Blockchain technology was made in June in 2019, and the real working of the project will start in June 2020.

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Cardano Based Blockchain for Educational Application in Georgia

The Cardano based Blockchain is the third generation version. It will be implemented successfully into colleges and schools, which will do the process related to academic credentials. The third-party services, such as a company that will hire graduates, will have permission to view the stored credentials to opt the students based on their performance stores in the credential. This will end the previous time taking and long procedure previously opted in the same application.

The head of IOHK in Georgia region said the new implementation of Blockchain technology in the storing of credential and verifying will help the university in honesty, legitimacy, and provide convenience in the education field and human resource industry. The students can view their credentials and share them accordingly to whomever they desire but under complete discretion.

The IOHK and Cardano team are also planning to expand their presence and implement of state of the art Blockchain network in the wine industry of Georgia. The Blockchain team has already held meetings in the past and is soon to expand operations in the country.

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