Top 5 Cryptocurrencies That Pays Dividends

  • Crypto industry offers countless benefits in various aspects not just by trading it but also holding a currency to earn passive income as dividends.
  • With a wide number of cryptocurrencies that exist, each having its benefits and working system, it’s essential to drive our focus on the best of it.
  • Here is a list of top cryptocurrencies which are worth holding because of their promising outlook and to earn passive income as dividends.

It is no wonder that the Crypto industry offers countless benefits in various aspects. In terms of earning, day trading is not the only option crypto industry offers as many believe it to be, dividends are paid just by holding the right cryptocurrencies. 

A dividend is a share of a part of a company’s earnings, paid to a group of its shareholders. They can be issued as cash payments or as shares of stock. With a wide number of cryptocurrencies that exist, each having its benefits and working system, it’s essential to drive our focus on the best of it.

Here is the list of dividend paying cryptocurrencies which helps you earn passive income –


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DASH, a popular cryptocurrency showed an increase in its price from $3 to $ 664, almost greater than 200 times since 2016. Despite many people knowing Dash in a very early phase, they do not buy or hold it. The aim of Dash Masternode is to create opportunities for investors, however, Dash has proven to be costlier.

To run a DASH hub,1000 DASH are said to be required( $.664 per DASH is $664,000!), this adds to the drawback of DASH as an instance.



CAJUTEL, a cryptocurrency token operating on the Ethereum platform aims to resolve real-world problems. It has shown its progress in being of help to the small investors. What draws attention to Cajutel is the benefit Cajutel offers to investors to qualify themselves as a shareholder of the organization by providing an opportunity for long-term investments.

The Cajutel token has the power to create money for the investors. The earnings per share increases yearly, 13$ in year 4, 16$ in year 5 and 23$, the following year. In the cases when the company pays out 60% of the EBITA as a dividend, for a person buying a token in the beginning, it would earn him in 6 years a $52.The increase of this value depends on in which phase he invests in, the value ranging from 1.86x up to 5.31x.



SPECTRE , Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange, is a financial trading platform allowing the trade on stocks, currencies and assets with a decentralised liquidity pool owned by the token holders. It aims to offer the clients their control of client funds back. It offers the potential for traders to earn an average of 73% ROI on just 1 trade within less time.

The dividend-token holders are entitled to own a percentage regardless of the loss or win of a trader in the system and also regardless of trades being performed or not on its system.When a trader loses 2% trade of his bet it adds up to the weekly SXDT dividend pool and another 2% adds up to the Spectre as operational fees.

The rest of the 96% added up in the liquidity pool. If the trader wins a trade he receives his win from the liquidity pool, nevertheless, he must pay 2% operational fee and 2% for the dividend pool. In this instance, the dividend pool receives 2% for weekly pay out.

The Spectre’s Dividend per Token in ETH is  0.00003139. The expected annual yield could be 4.633958% with current price $0.12 per SXDT.



KOMODO, also a popular cryptocurrency has diverse features with a better consensus mechanism too. KMD follows the policy of paying for just holding its currency in the needed way. It is also a part of SuperNET, a decentralized economic system. In addition to that, they are also a pioneer in developing BarterDex.

A minimum of 10KDM is required to receive the Komodo dividend, whereas for Cajutel it is 0.00001 ETH  and for dash it is 1000 Dash respectively.



BitMax owns a native coin called BTMX. This no doubt is also a popular exchange. What draws BTMX its attention is its allowance in earning a percentage of the exchange income.

The demand for this coin is said to be rising every day. The way to earn through this coin is by using the locking feature of this exchange to lock up your coin after its purchase and then earning income in USDT. 0.0001 XBT is to be invested to receive the dividend.

However, often, the dividend it offers is based on the number of bitmax tokens one holds.

Final Words

Noting what each of the coins has got to offer, one is faced with a tough choice as what to invest in. But there are some of the instances that help us conclude. The option to invest in Cajutel can prove to be better than the other as it became part of the ‘Infrastructure’ of a real-world telecom unlike other coins.

Another analytical instance is that other staking or dividend tokens offer 1/10 dividends yearly, whereas, in Cajutel, dividend >30% of the Investment is being offered yearly. Both komodo and spectre showed to have slightly greater investment requirements for holding them.The reasons Cajutel has in its plans undoubtedly proves why making Cajutel as the choice of Passive Investment Plan can be advantageous than the others.

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Steve Anderson is an Australian crypto enthusiast. He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years. Steve has worked as a crypto trader, he loves learning about decentralisation, understanding the true potential of the blockchain.

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