Binance Coin (BNB) Prices Maintaining Climb Due To The Overall Bullish Market

  • BNB acquired an impressive bullish trading pattern and showing signs that it will keep on moving in this momentum.
  • BNB prices might acquire the level of $ 15.50 in today’s trading
  • Prices achieved crucial resistance level of $15.00 and about to reach $15.50, breaking this level can provide significant bullish momentum
  • The BNB/BTC pair is performing positively with the overall profit of 3.22%

The price level of $14.00 is being key support level in this gradual up sure of the prices. BNB manages to develop a positive divergence and keep on maintaining this continuous climb due to the overall bullish market.

Currently, BNB prices did face some volatility between $14.80 and $15.00. This variation occurred due to the bearish line present at the level of $15.50

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BNB’s current market capitalization is $2,374,149,917 USD with volume traded of $ 510,151,445 USD and circulative supply of 155,536,713 BNB.


The technical chart indicates that prices are climbing up with an impressive pace, and bulls are looking strong and they are also accompanied by positive trade. Prices cleared the resistance levels of the resistance $13.50,$14.00, $14.50 and $15.50.

There is an increase in the buying volume according to the technical’s. As with technical’s in their favor prices can maintain a steady climb

MACD levels are showing that buying volume is getting over selling volume and moving along with bulls in a positive divergence.

RSI takes a sharp positive divergence from the level of 60 towards the top of the over buying zone, indicating that there is an increase in the buying volume of the altcoin and currently trading at the positive divergence.

The same goes for the CCI level as it took a sharp positive divergence but later it did suffer in negative momentum. After touching the highest point possible in the over buying zone, prices started fading and currently moving towards the normal region with bearish momentum. 

Resistance level: $ 15.50
Support level: $15.20

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Ayush Malviya
Ayush Malviya has recently joined as a technical market reporter for Thecoinrepublic- the Leading cryptocurrency news site. He believes that there is a broad scope in Crypto market and blockchain. Thats why he loves to gather knowledge about it and like to analyse the market pattern.

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