Dash (DASH) Are Unable To Find Stability After Sliding Down From $80

  • Dash is falling with a gradual negative trading pattern and suffering a serious plummet.
  • DASH/BTC pair is still performing negatively with loss of -3.03% which brings the level to 0.01084919.

Currently, DASH is moving along the bears as they acquired a strong bearish momentum.

The support level of $ 72.00 was the only hope that can put a halt in the volatile Dash prices as currently, a light positive line is emerging.  

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Now DASH is hit its new recent low and more if it falls below the level of $70.00. The strong resistance of $75 is the sole reason for the current plummet in the prices, currently market nature is also turning red which means there won’t be an easy recovery up ahead in the near period. This level will be there the last restriction for bearish momentum.

Currently the DASH’s market capitalization is$702,904,333 USD $894,270,816 USD with circulative supply of 9,450,375 DASH.

Dash (DASH) Price Analysis


DASH’s prices are also suffering due to the bearish emergence as prices started acquiring negative momentum due to the overall bearish momentum in the market and the heavy resistance it faced in its recent trading.

Technical indicators and oscillators started turning red, as they are showing an increase in the selling volume due to the heavy bearish momentum present in the market.

MACD levels are showing that selling volume is emerging and making a strong dominance over the buying volume, it did try to compete but unable to surpass it and again there is bearish momentum in the prices and they maintain this pace and it will last for a short term.

The 24Hr-RSI took a negative divergence from the bullish region towards the bearish zone and touches the point of 40 and currently trading in a manner to climb up.

The 24hr-CCI touched the depth of overselling region and currently is trading at the bottom of the normal region and no they are trading in a manner just to climb up in the normal region

Resistance Level: $ 75.50

Support level: $ 70.00

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Ayush Malviya
Ayush Malviya has recently joined as a technical market reporter for Thecoinrepublic- the Leading cryptocurrency news site. He believes that there is a broad scope in Crypto market and blockchain. Thats why he loves to gather knowledge about it and like to analyse the market pattern.

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