EOS (EOS) Prices Again Acquiring Bulls Due To The Level Of $2.58

  • The bulls are again making a strong come back and concentrating a gradual positive upsurge.
  • The EOS/BTC pair showing a negative sign with a decrease of -0.02% bringing the level to 0.00036629.

EOS prices are currently trading between the levels of $2.60 and 2.65 and priming up to against the resistance line present at $2.73.

A rise in the prices was developed due to the support line of $ 2.58.  Prices did acquire a sharp and gradual bearish momentum due to the level of $2.65 and the continued their trade in that momentum only till they acquired the level of $2.58.

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After suffering a major fall in the price in its previous trading prices are still haunted by the prices as this climb also won’t result in another bearish trap. As there is a heavy resistance up above the level of $2.65 ¬†which gets triggered when aver prices reach there.

EOS’ current market capital is $2,398,550,503 USD with volume traded of $2,829,409,955 USD and circulative supply of 922,030,900 EOS.



There is positive momentum in the prices of the altcoin. Eos is making a strong recovery as it is gaining momentum and now there is a bullish momentum in all aspects of the technical chart.

The technical indicators and oscillators are turned to blue as they are showing an increase in the buying volume means the emergence of this positive trade in the market is likely possible to last for a medium time period.

The MACD levels showing an increase in the buying volume of the cryptocurrency, after a bearish dominance as prices finally made a breakout and continuing its trade.

The 24hr-RSI is moving in the bullish region and trading with a slight positive momentum right below the level of 50 and still seeking the level of 60.

The 24hr-CCI touched the highest point of the normal region. It was trading at the bottom of the neutral region but then it acquired the positive support and reaches the highest point of normal zone.

Resistance level: $2.65

Support level: $2.58

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Ayush Malviya
Ayush Malviya has recently joined as a technical market reporter for Thecoinrepublic- the Leading cryptocurrency news site. He believes that there is a broad scope in Crypto market and blockchain. Thats why he loves to gather knowledge about it and like to analyse the market pattern.

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