Ripple (XRP) Prices Are Again Trying Their Bulls Against The Level $0.1970

xrp price analysis
  • The cryptocurrency is performing positively in the market with gain in its prices.
  • Ripple prices are surging up but facing resistance due to the crucial level of $0.1970..
  • The XRP/BTC pair is not performing well with the negative change of -0.30 % bringing the level to 0.00002580.

 The XRP prices are climbing gradually towards the current crucial resistance level of $0.1970

Currently, prices are trading above the range of $0.19600 and it seems like they are able to maintain this steady climb. If Ripple prices break the resistance level of $0.19700 and maintain it then prices can have strong momentum to the level of $0.2000 

XRP prices are maintaining their upsurge by the support of the price level of  $0.19350. With the help of this crucial price level, XRP managed to  climb up against the level of $0.14500 and $0.19500, currently, it seems like Ripple is stumbling upon the level of $0.19600

The current  market capital of Ripple is $8,637,263,623 with volume traded of $1,726,288,636 USD and the circulating supply of 44,089,620,959 XRP.

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis


The Technical chart reflects that XRP prices are trying to overcome the price level of $0.1970 in the market but facing strong bearish resistance in the current trading level.

The technical indicators and oscillators are showing an increase  in the buying volume of the cryptocurrency. Even after trading with bearish momentum prices are now showing some positive signs as there is an increase in the buying volume of  Ripple.

The MACD levels are showing that there is an increase in the buying volume of the cryptocurrency and the level is overtaken by the buying volume but selling volume is also catching up with it.

The 24hr – RSI is trading in the bullish zone above the crucial level of 60 after taking a negative divergence from the heavy bullish zone.

The 24hr-CCI is in the normal zone after coming down from the over buying region.

Resistance Level: $0.19610

Support Level: $ 0.19500

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