Basic Attention Token (BAT) Prices Suffering A Lot Due To The Bearish Dominance.

  • Basic Attention Token turned all red in today’s market, as there is an overall negative momentum. 
  • The BAT/BTC pair is performing negatively with the overall plummet of -1.14%, bringing the level to 0.00002325.

Prices are slightly falling down and they are volatile after they tried to maintain a gradual climb above the level of $0.17600.

The market condition is becoming good yet the BAT prices are unable to harvest the best out of this opportunity and they are facing heavy resistance in them.

There is a negative charge of $-0.72% in the prices of cryptocurrency due to the bearish dominance in the prices.

BAT is currently moving up due to the support price level $0.176000 which is trying its level best to help out prices in developing a gradual positive nature after such a serious fall. There is a resistance line present at the of $0.18200  which is not allowing prices to make a positive move as currently they started facing variations in them and falling.

Currently, the price levels are trading in the negative divergence, the market capitalization of BAT is $263,124,617 USD with volume traded of $93,921,653 USD and circulative supply is at 1,457,527,137 BAT.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Price Analysis


The technical chart shows that there a gradual fall with the bearish momentum basic attention token prices are started emerging and all aspects are showing the strong bearish presence.

Yet the technical Indicators are showing a good amount of increase in the buying volume which can lead to a bullish outbreak in the prices.

MACD levels are showing that there is an increase in the selling volume of currency which means that negative momentum can continue and make prices suffer.

RSI is trading with positive momentum and it did enter the bullish zone now  but it had acquired a slight flat momentum and currently, it is trading above the level of 50

CCI reached the normal region after climbing up from the lowest point possible of the normal region.

Resistance Level $0.18200

Support Level  $0.17600

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