Latest Google Algorithm Update Result In The Shadow Ban For Bitcoin

  • The Co-Founder of MMCrypto Christopher Jaszczynski, who is also a Technical on-chain analyst, speaker, and YouTuber, released a statement for public knowledge.
  • Google confirmed that it issued a broad core algorithm update and named it as May core update.

Google rolled out its latest May 2020 core Update. Many cryptocurrency youtube channels and media outlets suffer drastic traffic drop. On speaking about the same many industry-leading channels shared their response on the same. Most of their statements are indicating the google has, unfortunately, shadow banned ‘Bitcoin’.

The Co-Founder of MMCrypto Christopher Jaszczynski, a famous YouTuber, shared a statement for public knowledge. He says that since Google owns YouTube, the media is even shooting up the issue. Jaszczynski states that the Bitcoin and Crypto YouTubers dependence on Google traffic, including the MMCrypto, channel are moving their way to shadowbanned.

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He further continued that in June and December 2019, the YouTube purge continued happening through strikes. Youtube restricted them to upload their bitcoin technical analysis videos. Furthermore, he described shadow-banning as a stealth approach that restricts the reach of YouTube videos. He makes it obvious to realize that the limited the reaches are, the less number of views YouTubers will receive on their videos.

Later, Google confirmed that it issued a broad core algorithm update. They also claimed that they have been doing several times every year. They named this algorithm update as the May 2020 core Update and said that the guidelines would remain the same for this one too.

Reports and reviews on the Algorithm Update

Not just MMCrypto, but also Many other YouTubers and news outlets in the Crypto space have got hit by this update.

The YouTuber and founder of The Moon AB, Carl Martin Runefelt said, that this update concerning the youtube censorship against bitcoin videos is very alarming.
He further added that the issue is triggering all the biggest YouTube channels in the Bitcoin space. The significant drop in views has resulted in the zero recommendations of their videos, the users reported.

Jaszczynski later stated that the beauty of Bitcoin is that it is non-confiscable and censorship-resistant. He says that amidst this unprecedented crisis, where unemployment is peak high, and the GDP is crashing hard; people need to get educated about things like gold and bitcoin to secure their future by retaining their wealth. He continues that there are speculations of hyperinflation that might evolve in the coming years. Though Google’s algorithm changes many times a year affecting different domains, and this time it’s ‘Bitcoin’ which is censored by Google.

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Steve Anderrson
Steve Anderson is an Australian crypto enthusiast. He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years. Steve has worked as a crypto trader, he loves learning about decentralisation, understanding the true potential of the blockchain.

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