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Crypto.Com MCO Visa Cards to Serve in 31 More Countries in the EU

  • Crypto.com had successfully launched its card in the UK and the United States.
  • The crypto card provider started sending its MCO Visa Cards to 31 more countries in the EU.
  • These cards support both fiat top-ups and crypto. 

Crypto.com had successfully launched its card in the UK and the United States. Now, the crypto card provider started sending its MCO Visa Cards to 31 more countries in the EU. The MCO Visa Cards were first launched in Singapore two years back. Now, the card is available in the EU, Asia, and the United States. Only in the EU, the company is expecting to reach more than 500 million people.

The market for crypt cards is growing at a faster rate. For this reason, many crypto companies want to release their cards. But some features of Crypto.com make the company separate from others. Moreover, Crypto.com offers attractive services like completive interbank rates and tap-and-pay functionality.

Features of MCO Visa Cards of Crypto.com

The MCO Visa Cards provider company uses an end-to-end crypto ecosystem. Hence, Crypto.com offers high levels of security. Furthermore, the application of the company is user-friendly as it supports all types of crypto financial services. Once a user pairs their card with the app, they can buy and sell crypto from the app platform. Moreover, the user can also get an instant loan and earn crypto from the app. For example, Crypto.com also provides an offer of earning 5% crypto after spending fiat from the platform. Moreover, in the recent time of lockdown situation due to COVID-19, the company increased essential purchases cashback to 10%. This will encourage people to buy from home especially in the UK and the US. However, only users of the metal card tier can avail the offer while users of the plastic card tier will continue to get 5% cashback.

The company also offers a 100% rebate on Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Netflix. Besides that, a user of the company doesn’t need to pay for ATM withdrawals.

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