Craig Wright Requests the Court to keep the Bitcoin Addresses Secret

  • Kleiman vs wright case took another turn when Craig Wright has petitioned to the court to keep the list of Bitcoin Addresses sealed.
  • There is an attempt by Wright’s legal team to keep any kind of public mortification at bay.
  • The doubts in the cryptocurrency space have now stirred up with Craig Wright’s new petition. 

Kleiman V. Craig Wright

The heat in the Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit does not seem to be going anywhere now. Craig Wright has petitioned to the court to keep the list of Bitcoin Addresses sealed. The act is being seen as an attempt by Wright’s legal team to keep any kind of public mortification at bay. In justification, the team added, the releasing of such information may cause ‘a degree of and likelihood of injury’. Earlier, on April 28, the plaintiffs claimed that Craig Wright had submitted forged evidence to the court. To this, Wright filed a motion to dismiss the case until the plaintiffs were ready for another blow.

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The plaintiffs filed an order demanding a list of Wright’s public Bitcoin addresses until December 31, 2013. It says that it is quite relevant to the lawsuit. Wright mentioned that it might not be possible to gather all of the asked information. But, when Judge Bruce Reinhart signed the order, Wright’s legal team did present the information to the court and now wants to keep it a secret.

The various progressions in this particular lawsuit are attracting millions of eyeballs.  The same is the case with the one before this, where a Twitter user tweeted 145 addresses claimed by CSW. Apparently, these addresses questioned the Australian computer scientist’s claim of being the man behind bitcoin’s existence and the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The Twitter user was pretty hard on Wright and called him a liar and fraud.

Apart from the list of Bitcoin Addresses, the Kleiman’s want the businessman to identify all of the bitcoin he transferred to the blind trust in the year 2011. This order required him to present before the court a sworn declaration identifying the details of the blind trust and prove his acquaintance to any of the present or past trustee members of the fund.

Will Wright hold the controversial image long enough?

Craig Wright continues to hold a controversial image in the crypto space but how long is it going to be so. Will he be able to earn the title that easily? Well, there seems to be a lot of proving left before being titled as the inventor of the digital currency, bitcoin. But, with the recent petition, it doesn’t seem that easy.

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