Ripple Partnered MoneyMatch To Expand Services In 120 Countries

Ripple Partnered MoneyMatch To Expand Services In 120 Countries
  • Ripple-MoneyMatch partnership will expand its services in 120 countries.
  • RippleNet is known to bring low-cost, high-speed transactions, especially in Asian nations.
  • Interestingly, the RippleNet MoneyMatch partnership started in 2018.

Due to the pandemic, many companies have been shut down. But there are still some who have collaborated with others. The collaborations will help in reaching out to the maximum number of underprivileged people. The Ripple MoneyMatch partnership is one of such collaborations.

The MoneyMatch announced a partnership with Ripple. The partnership will help ripple expand its services in 120 countries. 

The cross-border payment solutions provider MoneyMatch is one of the leading companies. While, the partnership is not limited to the mere expansion of its brand in other nations. But, it is also to deliver super-fast and cheap transactions. Ripple Net brought on the table the low-cost transactions.

Ripple MoneyMatch targets low-income countries

As we mentioned above, RippleNet solutions provide high-speed transactions at convenient cost and with the major partnership, it’s service the Asian region. Now, with the Ripple MoneyMatch collaboration, it will go places! It will reach out to many more developing nations.

How can MoneyMatch solutions expand RippleNet’s reach?

Adrian Yap, CEO of MoneyMatch claims that the traditional banking system generated huge profits from forex operations. Ripple with MoneyMatch partnership is going to change this scenario by replacing traditional banking with a blockchain.

According to him, MoneyMatch after the partnership was able to take advantage of RippleNet solutions. And, this increased their slash operational costs by up to 40 percent. In Addition, there are plans to share the profits gained due to the company’s lightning-fast transactions with the customers.

Interestingly, the RippleNet MoneyMatch partnership started in 2018. They first collaborated on local projects.

There is a new announcement of Ripple and MoneyMatch, collaborating globally and expanding in up to 120 countries. With this, it is certain that the organization will achieve newer, bigger goals.

What are the various customer benefits due to this collaboration?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been badly affected economically. However, saving grace being companies like MoneyMatch and RippleNet have collaborated just to support and help the unfortunates.

MoneyMatch and Ripple started a hashtag #inthistogether, which allows you to send money to your loved ones in India by using the promo code: SENDINR.

This partnership also wishes to open up new markets. Thus, they are also planning to create more benefits for their customers.

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