Mcafee Announces The Launch Of ‘TeleGHOST’

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  • John McAfee announced that he would launch an encrypted chat application based on GHOST blockchain.
  • The name of the service would be ‘TeleGHOST’ based on GHOST blockchain in collaboration with the chatting app- ‘Telegram.’

John McAfee is a famous British-American computer programmer and entrepreneur. He founded the software company, which went by the name McAfee Associates in 1987. Recently, he announced that he would launch an encrypted chat application. The application will be mainly based on the GHOST blockchain in collaboration with the chatting app- ‘Telegram.’

Telegram is an instant messaging and voice over IP service, which mainly based on the cloud. Telegram service launched by two Russian entrepreneur brothers Parel Durov and Nikolai Durov. Users can easily send messages, photos, videos, stickers, etc. using Telegram Client applications. They use the end to end encryption technology for calls and an optional one for confidential chats between two users.

The name of the service would be ‘TeleGHOST.’ John McAfee is a great Blockchain Enthusiast with some notable contributions to the crypto world. However, McAfee has recently created an ERC-20 Ethereum token, which goes by the name ‘Epstein Did No Kill Himself crypto,’ aka WHACKDtoken. Also, he recently unveiled the GHOST coin. As the name suggests, it is a privacy coin that intends to store the full anonymity of the users. Throughout the transaction of the cryptocurrency—the decentralised blockchain network based on proof of stake consensus.

John Mcafee’s Ghost Based Application

TeleGHOST would be a decentralised private messaging network that would allow its users to chat anonymously and would utilize for much more than just exchanging numeric values. The application would not force users to switch from one chatting app to another. The issue of possibly losing the history would resolve by the hybrid solutions of the Telegram collaboration.

This means that the service would enable users to login in with their existing Telegram accounts and readily have access to their contacts and groups. And since the app is ghost based, it would enable the users to send and receive GHOST coins, start new private chats and groups. More features would announce soon. Thus, TeleGHOST is said to support all platforms: Windows, macOS, Linus, iOS, Android, and so on.

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