The Top 10 Ethereum Dapps By Highest-Recorded Developer Activity

  • The Santiments has released the most recent list of top Ethereum based dApp projects based on the highest dev activity for 30 days.
  • In Santiment’s recent blog, they have said that Developer Activity is considered the most underrated measure of the progress of a project.
  • ERC-20 dApps or, in other words, those DeFi apps solely built as well as designed on the Ethereum platform.

The Santiments has released the most recent list of top Ethereum based dApp projects based on the highest dev activity for 30 days. In Santiment’s recent blog, they have said that Developer Activity is considered the most underrated measure of the progress of a project. However, developer activity is an accurate measure of commitment towards the project in terms of adding new features and updates as well as streamlining the platform. 

ERC 20 dApps or, in other words, those DeFi apps solely built as well as designed on the Ethereum platform.

The top Ethereum dApps listed as per developer activity are: 

  • Status:

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Status, Ethereum based secured messaging app, a cryptocurrency wallet, and a Web3 browser. It is entirely an open-source project aimed to form a secure communication network and to spread free information and knowledge.

They have launched the desktop alpha version for Mac and Linux platforms, while for Microsoft, it will launch soon. In the mobile, they have introduced the Keycard to authorize mobile transactions. Nimbus, Status’s next-gen Ethereum client, has recently launched Ethereum 2.0 Altona testnet. They have also resolved the scaling issues of their Whisper fork, Waku. 

  • Gnosis:

Gnosis, a decentralised market prediction mechanism which provides services by which you can create, trade as well as store cryptocurrencies. Gnosis has also built a platform for creating crypto assets and a detailed analysis of the upcoming events and their possible outcomes.

Source: Sentiment Sandase

They launched a community update known as Omen. Omen is mainly a decentralised prediction market platform maintained by Dxdao. The update primarily aimed at the betterment of liquidity, interoperability, and modularity. 

  • Band protocol:

Band protocol is a decentralized cross-chain platform that links the smart contracts with off-chain info and data as well as application programming interfaces. It also improves the reliability of the smart contract by connecting them with trustable data, and with its oracle protocol, developers can build DeFi systems without any hassle. 

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Source: Sentiment Sandase

It is extensively working on Phase 1 of BandChain, which is already live at the devnet. Further, they have also used patches for the issues in oracle scripts and CosmoScan. They have also successfully integrated the Celo platform. 

  • Aragon: 

Aragon is a very useful dApp for people who are looking forward to creating a decentralised community. It enables users to build their very own DAO or decentralised autonomous organization. It develops tools for partnering with your co-founder and builds even no profit bureaucracy free cohort. 

Source: Sentiment Sandase

They have launched the Aragon Connect, which will help you link the DAO features with the applications. Coinbase Custody insisted on listing the ANT token. They have also announced a brand new advisory board for the Aragon Association. 

They are also looking forward to introducing new token pages for ANT, ARA (Aragon Chain), and ANJ (Aragon Court) to explain their relationship. 

  • Raiden Network: 

Raiden Network is a scalable Ethereum based service which allows easy transfer of the ERC-20 token. It is often considered Ethereum’s version of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network because it provides similar fast, low cost, scalable token transactions. 

Source: Sentiment Sandase

The Raiden development team has been working on the launch of  Alderaan mainnet. They have also been working on a Proof of Concept for using WebRTC for instant payments. 

  • Maker:

The Maker used to be the world’s most popular DeFi project until Compound had dethroned it. Maker provides collateral on cryptocurrency services and has issued DAI token, which they claim is the world’s first unbiased cryptocurrency. 

Source: Sentiment Sandase

In June, the MKR user base began supporting 4 new assets, namely: ZRX (0x), KNC (Kyber Network), USDC-B (Circle’s), and TUSD (TrueUSD). Six new proposals, as well as amendments implemented in Maker’s governance. These six proposals have proved to be a milestone for Maker because they have added a Risk Domain Team as well as an updated Collateral Onboarding framework, and finally, a new system to enable Maker Governance.

  • Decentraland: 

Decentraland provides virtual experience of amazing sceneries. This Blockchain platform offers all sorts of virtual activities ranging from space adventure to medieval dungeon maze, and so on. It also serves as a virtual trade center of crypto assets, avatars and names in its marketplace. 

Source: Sentiment Sandase

It will now provide users to Livestream, a particular video or audio in public. It will now show image NFT as picture frames, and animated gifs, and they are also working on decreasing the loading time of the platform. 

  • Synthetix:

Synthetix is a platform that provides decentralised synthetic assets. It has an on-chain exposure to all sorts of digital as well as fiat currencies, stocks, and commodities. Its Synth tokens can be exposed to Bitcoin, gold, TESLA, as well as the US dollar in the Ethereum platform itself. 

Binary Options now open in the Synthetix Exchange. Owing to Chainlink’s collaboration, soon to launch sOIL on its mainnet. They have further updated their staking system by implementing a liquidation mechanism. Also, added support for SNX on OX Matcha.

  • Chainlink:

Chainlink is another Blockchain platform which aims at resolving the issues like interoperability and connectivity with the smart contracts. Users can very easily append smart contracts with required data sources. It also enables users to transfer money from their smart contracts to payment networks.

Source: Sentiment Sandase

The chainlink is collaborating with Cargo to provide scalable NTF minting services for the users. Also, it is collaborating with South Korean Fletachain to provide patient health information. To update their asset prices in Kyber Swap, UI is using data of Chainlink Price Reference.


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