Beldex – The One-stop Destination for Easy, Secure, and Anonymous Transactions


Established in 2018, Beldex is a privacy enabled cryptocurrency exchange. It is one of its kind because it provides the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. They aim to create a free market where individual privacy is respected. Centralized exchanges act like banks and decentralized exchanges have their own disadvantages. To overcome these problems, Beldex has come up with a hybrid exchange. 

They are the pioneers of the Hybrid Decentralized Exchange. Beldex makes sure that every transaction on its platform is legitimate and transparent. They have a privacy policy and comply with GDPR and hence hold customer funds, position, and any information in accordance with the GDPR. Along with privacy, they give utmost importance to customer security as well. It serves as a global audience and strives to be inclusive in its services. 

Main Features of Beldex

One of the main features of Beldex is that it maintains a ‘Shariah Compliant’ Exchange. In accordance with the Shariah Law, Beldex doesn’t practice the following activities – Maysir (No projects related to gambling can be listed), Riba (High interest will not be imposed), Unethical Services (No immoral services will be tolerated), Haraam Goods (No entry for business dealing in alcohol and tobacco), Ponzi schemes (They promise never to practice or regulate any fraudulent scheme), and lastly, Gharar (It eliminates uncertainties in transactions by following Mudarabah).

Here are a few other features of Beldex Exchange:-

  • Faster – All the transactions are swift and instantaneous in nature. The trades also have a higher transaction per the second volume.
  • Safer – Assures its users of the utmost safety by protecting their digital assets.
  • Easy to use – The exchange is easy to use. There are seamless and effortless maneuverability and navigation between several interfaces. 

Ease of conducting Trade

Beldex promises the easiest, seamless, and effortless trading experience. They claim that in just four steps a user can trade as per their requirement. The four steps are:-

  • Registering and creating an account at Beldex Exchange.
  • Verifying the KYC using their smart verification system.
  • Depositing and holding on to Cryptocurrencies in secure wallets. 
  • Trading with a lightning-fast matching engine. 

The Beldex app lets you keep an eye on the market using your mobile phone. It features advanced order types and analytical tools for experienced traders. Along with that, there is a simple buy and sell interface for the beginners. 

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