Johnny Tri Dung To Serve As KardiaChain’s New Chief Business Officer

Blockchain And AI Technologies
Blockchain And AI Technologies
  • KardiaChain is a blockchain platform known for its decentralised finance applications. Its native token KAI is ranked 204th on the basis of market capitalisation.
  • KardiaChain has appointed Johnny Tri Dung as its brand new Chief Business Officer (CBO). 

Johnny has previously co-founded and has been the CEO of which is a price comparison tool. He has also co-founded the Big Cat Entertainment group and served as its COO until now. Johnny has a distinguished history of serving companies with his business strategies. Prior to Big Cat Foundation, Johnny has also served as the Strategic Business Development Director of Tiki Corporation for a year. 

In a tweet by KardiaChain, they have welcomed Johnny as its new CBO aiming to reach critical mass. And they are thrilled to include him to the KardiaChain team as he has an unique entrepreneurial background in the entertainment industries of South East Asia. 

Johnny’s contribution to the South East Asian business has been exemplary. He has also worked as Partner Manager for the social media giant, Facebook one of the firsts Vietnamese to do so. He also facilitated the growth of the YouTube community in Vietnam. 

Challenges For A Mass Adoption Of Blockchain Technology

The challenges of spreading blockchain technologies are known to us. Despite the high number of key players in the blockchain industry and various blockchain solution providers around the world, it is no secret that the adoption of blockchain in the non cryptocurrency industry has been quite gruelling and tedious. In order to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology, people need to be ensured about the incentives of using the network and have an active participation in the development of DApps. With Johnny becoming the company’s new CBO, KardiaChain attempts to reach critical mass adoption. 

KardiaChain To Leverage CBO’s Connections For A Wider Adoption

The new CBO has thoroughly supported the KardiaChain’s blockchain and has initiated its growth among the Vietnamese businesses. The company aims to utilize Johnny’s deep rooted connection with Vietnamese industries to drive its adoption. Afterall company’s main goal is to achieve strong command over the South East Asian markets. KardiaChain is sure that with the CBO’s entrepreneurial experiences it can reach new heights. Johnny as the CBO of KardiaChain is expected to carry out major business strategies and measures to drive blockchain adoption for critical adoption.

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