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Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin’s Latest Tweet is a Jibe at Tron founder Justin Sun

  • The clash between Vitalik Buterin founder of the cryptocurrency platform TRON and the current CEO of BitTorrent is once again making headlines. 
  • Vitalik opined that ‘Exit to the community’ continues to be underrated as a way to get both.

The clash between Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum and Justin Sun, founder of the cryptocurrency platform TRON and current CEO of BitTorrent, is once again making headlines. 

The constant Twitter message exchanges seem to have really spiced up off late, keeping everybody from the crypto world glued in. The Ethereum founder had earlier tweeted that the optimal governance structure for early-stage projects is founder dictatorship, and has big stakeholder involvement. He also opined that ‘Exit to the community’ continues to be underrated as a way to get both. To this, Daniel Larimer, co-founded the blockchain STEEM and current CTO of Block.one (a company involved with the development of EOS)-responded by thanking him for endorsing how he decentralized Bitshares and STEEM. Daniel also mentioned that he was very proud of his autonomous communities.  

The controversial tweet

The conversation did not end there, as Buterin pointed out that in the case of STEEM though, it didn’t exit-to-community, but the company exited to Justin Sun instead. This led to foreseeable disaster and the community needing to openly revolt to get rid of his attempts to control the chain, he added, emphasising the need for exit to community.

War of words: Vitalik Buterin vs Justin Sun

The clash of opinions between the two crypto personalities is not new. Earlier this year, the Ethereum founder had engaged in a twitter thread highlighting the decision by STEEM to seize tokens worth $7 million from its users in an imminent hard fork. Buterin suggested that STEEM users should move over to the Hive blockchain, which was created as a hard fork of STEEM in response to Justin Sun’s recent takeover. 

To this, the founder of Tron (TRX), Justin Sun responded by raising the question: that why shouldn’t be every Ethereum user migrate to TRON. Sun further assured users of personally sponsoring anyone who was harmed by the DAO incident to seek damages from Vitalik.

Allegations Galore

Many are of the opinion that that file-sharing service BitTorrent File System  (BTFS) copied certain elements from the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), which became all the more prominent after a recent rebranding of the BTFS logo which had an uncanny resemblance to the IPFS logo. “Tron also can’t even think of an original logo,” tweeted IPFS’s founder Juan Benet, alleging that Tron’s BTFS has also copied, “random chunks of his company’s papers, and swindled their investors with a ‘nonsensical mishmash’.

Interjecting with a remark, Vitalik Buterin supported Benet by calling out Sun as a dictator that zombified BitTorrent.

2 billion+ Bittorrent downloads

In a recent announcement, Justin Sun hinted that BitTorrent would soon be releasing new products such as decentralised file storage and live streaming products. This came after his team shared the news that BitTorrent Inc., the leading company in peer-to-peer protocols and products, surpassed 2 billion installations of its widely used torrent client software on Windows, Mac, and Android. 

Whether the Ethereum founder’s recent tweet will generate another war of words or not now depends on a response, or the lack of it, from Justin Sun.

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