EagleFX: A Favourable Platform With High Leverage and Liquidity Rates

Nowadays, traders are more inclined towards assets that are high in liquidity as well as volatility. Traditional assets may lack liquidity, but they are very volatile. On the other hand, foreign exchange assets are liquid, but they lack volatility. However, digital assets are enriched in both liquidity and volatility, which makes them a superior investment choice. This is why Foreign Trading markets provide the options of all kinds of trading, ranging from Forex to cryptocurrencies. EagleFX is a similar platform that offers over 50 types of trading options and promises high liquidity and leverage.

All Major CFDs and Cryptocurrency Options

Trading is recognised by the number of trading options it offers. Therefore, EagleFX provides trading options on all major cryptocurrencies and commodities. Out of the 50+ options, 32 of them are major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCHBTC), Omg coin (OMGUSD), Litecoin (LTCUSD), Iota (IOTABIT), Neo (NEOUSD). Cryptocurrency pairs like BTC/USD, LTC/USD, DASH/USD, XRP/USD, ETH/USD are also available for trading. The Forex platform also creates an ideal environment for users by partnering with the top investment banks and dark pool liquidity execution venues. These collaborations help in providing the highest spreads and optimal trading conditions.

Characteristic High Leverage

Similar to any other Forex broker platform EagleFX is known for its high liquidity and leverage. Liquidity is that feature that allows you to convert any assets digital readily or not into cash without any price. Traders generally are attracted to trading platforms that offer abundant liquidity because, after all, the conversion of assets into cash is meant to be convenient and easy.

Optimal Leverage Rates and User Friendly Platform

Besides, EagleFX provides very high forex leverage, which is almost equal to 1:500. High leverage allows you to trade more money than you are likely to have in your account. This is because high leverage gives users exposure to a greater portion of money with only investing a small amount. This small amount is referred to as the margin value. In this case, users can access an investment of $500 through a margin value of $1.

In addition to all of these, they charge not a single dollar for withdrawal or deposits while using your Credit Card, Debit Card or Bitcoin. Further, you have 24×7 access to the customer services, and you are allowed to have access to the withdrawal service within 30 minutes of the transactions.

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