With ‘XRP, You’re the One for Me’, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran portray their love for Cryptocurrencies

  • Justin Bieber,  Ed Sheeran Script Song on XRP
  • Justin Beiber’s manager, Scooter Braun, has shared that working on the album has been on progress for weeks since they started working on it.”

Justin Bieber Ed Sheeran needs no introduction, but can you guess the theme of a unique musical collaboration by the two youth icons? Yes, a track composed by the duo has XRP-the cryptocurrency from the house of Ripple-as the central theme.

Not Bitcoin or Ethereum, but XRP it is

On August 27, XRP Productions tweeted about the music video, expressing pride in the fact that it was XRP which Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran chose as the theme of their hit song, and not Bitcoin or Ethereum. And they put it, “XRP has always been the one.”

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The song highlights their mutual love for the digital asset. Justin Beiber’s manager, Scooter Braun, has shared that working on the album has been on progress for weeks since they started working on it.” Braun himself is a self-confessed XRP enthusiast, and the two creative souls are equally passionate about the cryptocurrency. The smart technology, super-fast speed and enormous possibilities that the Ripple’s XRP offers inspired them to celebrate the cryptocurrency’s attractive features through music.

XRP, You’re the One for Me

The track by Beiber and Sheeran, titled ‘XRP, You’re the One for Me,’ is seven-and-a-half-minute long and captures the electrifying melody of Sheeran’s guitar, Bieber’s piano, and to-die-for voices of both pop icons.

Like all their numbers till date, the song has spread like a wildfire and has been well appreciated by fans across the world.  It has also made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, an event which is a matter of ecstasy for Justin Bieber-Ed Sheeran admirers and XRP holders alike.

Rumors has it that the hit music video will debut on new video platform Cinnamon.video have not been confirmed by XRP_Productions yet.

Running on Ripple

Only last year, Justin Bieber published a story on Instagram featuring the likes of Ripple, MoneyGram, and Santander. The footage shows Bieber riding a high green trendline on the XRP price chart that features the company’s partners TransferGo, Santander, the latest one being MoneyGram with a tagline: Runs on Ripple. Approximately 121 million followers of the pop sensation on Instagram got a glimpse of the global digital payments platform that promises to speed up the movement of money around the world using its own cryptocurrency XRP.

The connection between crooners and cryptocurrency is neither new nor limited to music albums. Akon City, a futuristic cryptocurrency themed city founded by music sensation Akon, will soon begin construction in Senegal, after securing a whopping $4 billion from investors.

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