Trade Crypto and Forex With Confidence: Choose EagleFX

Forex trading generally referred to foreign exchange trading or called FX trading assets, is a decentralised market where people trade and negotiate over fiat currencies. Forex is a growing market; however, owing to its low volatility, it has less popular as compared to other investment options. But cryptocurrencies have gained enormous popularity amidst the pandemic. Crypto assets are generally characterised by high volatility and liquidity, which makes them a good investment option. This is because traditional assets may be volatile, but they lack liquidity. Due to this reason, some forex broker platforms provide both forex and cryptocurrency trading options. 

Established in 2019 EagleFX Provides CFD Trading Over 100 Assets

EagleFX is a similar forex and cryptocurrency STP broker. Established a year ago, this broker provides CFD trading on hundreds of assets. Above everything, it promises high leverage and liquidity and tightest spreads in the entire industry. EagleFX also has an award-winning MT4 platform which creates an optimal trading environment for the users. EagleFX is a very customer, friendly platform. Apart from providing minimal customer service, users can live chat and even leave a ticket to get back through email and request a call from the assistants. 

Suitable Liquidity and Leverage Rates for Traders

As mentioned above, EagleFX is known for its high liquidity and leverage. Liquidity allows you to easily convert any asset into cash without paying any extra price. Besides, Eagle FX provides very high forex leverage which is almost equal to 1:500. High leverage allows you to trade a higher amount of money than you are willing to pay. This is because high leverage gives users exposure to a greater portion of money with only investing a small amount. This small amount is referred to as the margin value. In this case, users can access an investment of $500 through a margin value of $1.  

Various Cryptocurrency Options 

Not to mention, EagleFX has a wide range of cryptocurrency trading options. Starting from Bitcoin and Ethereum, the broker offers trades on Bitcoin Cash (BCHBTC), Omg coin (OMGUSD), Litecoin (LTCUSD), Iota (IOTABIT), Neo (NEOUSD). Some major cryptocurrency pairs like BTC/USD, LTC/USD, DASH/USD, XRP/USD, ETH/USD are also up for trading.

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