SkillGaming — The Metamorphosis

Karen here, sigh what a blast, just finished my second all-nighter this week trying to get the BUM (Bonus Unlock Meter) feature conceptualised. But this was just one of quite possibly, a thousand puzzle pieces that are being intricately crafted and positioned into place as this jigsaw comes to completion. Just like a butterfly first emerges from the chrysalis, we are proud to present the next evolution of Hatchworks’ skill-gaming wing — SkillGaming

It’s not been easy; in fact it has taken 2 years of engineering and the implementation of user/industry participant feedback (after visiting a multitude of tradeshows and speaking to hundreds of developers) to build in the features and evolve the concept from its private/public beta code name ‘Betverse (BV)’ to SkillGaming. SkillGaming today already has amongst the deepest feature set across most online minigaming platforms. And what’s really important is, how addictive it can get. Nick Karky, an avid gamer and F&B entrepreneur who regularly competes on the platform stated

“It’s not that I don’t want to play, it’s the addiction/qe factor in SG, I just don’t have time now to start a game and be playing for 5 hours haha, the restaurant’s too busy”. — Nick Karky, avid gamer and F&B entrepreneur

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Karen Yap at Tokyo Game Show 2019
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All games on SG are enabled for the following:

XP Mode

Play for experience points (XP) which can later be redeemed in the onsite shop (called ‘Mom’s Basement’) against a range of weapons and upgrades.


Play for real money by paying to enter mini challenges where you try and beat the target score the CPU challenges you with. You can earn anywhere from 80% to 200% on these mini tournaments.


Faceoff against your foes or friends on SG to win a quick 90%. Here you can set the duration and amount to be won, select your game, victim and voila, FIRE! As SG is cross platform (web-based) you can play against opponents who are using the SG mobile app or those who are on another desktop device.


Wage all out war on any game of your choice and invite other warriors to get the highest average score over a 24 hour period. This game mode has a pay per bullet system by which you buy 10 rounds of ammo (each score submission counts as 1 round) for just $0.10. The war chest (aka total bounty) grows each time warriors buy more rounds. When the 24 hours is up, the warrior with the highest score gets 80% of the total war chest and another 10% is shared between the runner up and 3rd place. The final 10% is shared between affiliates, the developer of the game and SG.

Affiliate Program

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SG offers one of the most profitable and exciting affiliate programs in the gaming industry today.

Our unique and lucrative affiliate compensation program is driven entirely by transaction volume transacted on the platform, and pays both affiliates and game developers up to 73% revenue share in any transaction generated by users they have referred to the platform, for life. In addition, game developers earn revenue share from in-game app purchases, and affiliates can hit certain targets to receive additional bonuses.

Developer Program

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It isn’t a secret that while we as gamers love Steam, the chances of recovering invested capital in developing a game are very low owing to the sheer volume of submissions and low visibility on game platforms around the world. For developers, its an exercise of passion mainly but from a monetisation standpoint, a few get very rich while the bulk of the distribution is skewed towards significant losses. Enter SkillGaming.

SG pays gamers payouts when they win and developers and affiliates based on volumes transacted (regardless of win or loss). For Challenge mode, for transactions SG offers developers a 33–40% revenue share. For example, if gamers have, in aggregate, generated revenues (not volume) of $3,000 in a month, you will receive $1,000-$1,200. The amount you earn depends on the adoption, virality and retention of users in your game. Typically, for a well-received game, gamers may generate around $10 of revenues per day per gamer and around 200 daily-active-users may be found betting inside your Integrated Game. This would equate to around $60,000 in revenues per calendar month, translating to $20,000-$24,000 in net payments to you per month. A game that has an existing user-base that you wish to migrate with you to SG or experiences significant virality inside SkillGaming amongst its own organic user-base, could see between 1,000–20,000 daily-active-users (DAC), thus resulting in a substantial income stream for you, the developer.

SkillGaming — the Mobile App!

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Believe me, creating the mobile app was one of the toughest feats I have faced. Not only did the mobile app team (a separate team of 3) need to be patient enough to put up with the constantly evolving feature set on SG, but also fitting the sexy 80s NEON vibe which can only truly be done justice on a high-end PC and 24 inch+ size screen (yes size matters >;) into a tiny mobile screen was a mean task! But it’s nearly done and looks fantastic. Lead engineer Sina stated:

“Designing and putting together the SG mobile app has reduced my life expectancy by 80% but it was worth it in the end.” — Sinar R, Mobile App Lead

The “Synthwave” Feel

The first thing you’ll notice about SG is its unique design, look and feel. Purple much? Yes. Grow on you a bit? Heck yeah! Our designers borrowed from those forgotten yet transformational times of the 80s that made gaming what it is today. SG is peppered with the sights and sounds of the dystopian future that society was crafting back then and fused with synthwave music movement that has taken Millenials and GenZs by storm. But we got lucky, our lead engineer for SG George Atrotos is a Synthwave fan and an avid gamer. He stated

“SG stands out in its look and feel. All of us here are avid gamers of the 80s and we love the electronic look and vibe and what SG stands for…” — George Atrotos, Lead Engineer

The look and feel is matched by a cheesy and somewhat loony 80’s storyline with a growing docket of kooky/crazy characters. Nintendo captured the imaginations of kids back in the day with italian plumbers, jealous brothers and blonde princesses. SG aims to do the same with Kek, the evil clown ruler of planet NEON, Tolakman, his humble psychotic megalomaniac slave CEO, Oshikuru the midget Ninja or El Chupacabra, a Mexican legend that haunts (and at times, eats) gamers at night.

The cool thing that I personally love about SG is that any gamer can become part of the SG character universe either by being featured in a game or paying for this premium feature in Mom’s Basement (aka the shop). Right now we’ve already signed on a few influencers who are getting their own games featured and will become part of the character set. This is just the beginning.

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Deposit Options

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Good thing is, and I really pushed this hard internally, when users signup to SkillGaming they get $10.00 free as part of the Bum program. In a way we are all bums at first before we get rich the better we get at games >;). Bum stands for ‘Bonus Unlock Meter’ and as long as I play 20 real money games anywhere in SG (regardless of mode) or spend it in Mom’s Basement (aka the shop), I can then withdraw that money to my bank! This way we don’t force users to need to risk any capital. They can try out the rich features of SG and when they are ready, deposit and go nuts. It’s been a long and pains taking process but over the last two years, I have worked in the background with tech and banking to secure our fiat cashier service and key blockchain payment integrations. This allows gamers from around the world to deposit using:

  • Credit card
    – Local bank transfer (for some asian region)
    – E-wallet (neteller, skrill, paysafe, rapidtransfer, perfectmoney, advcash, fasapay)
    – Finrax (48 coins)
  • Uphold (ETH, BTC, EUR, USD)
  • Ethereum (directly from their on-chain wallet)
  • DeFI BOOST wallet (allowing top DeFI coins like LINK, SYN, KNC, AAVE, PAX, USDC, SXDT, SXUT and more).


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Beyond server side security where the SG technical team went above and beyond to secure the system from malware, DDOS and other hacks, the reality is that where there is money in gaming, the hacker scum emerge. Whether it is MITM (man in the middle) hacks, AI clicker bots and taking advantage of system flaws, SG has been through a battery of assaults over the last two years. And that’s a good thing! Ali who heads up security stated

“Being a gamer myself, I know how fun it is for a gamer to stop playing the games and start messing with the game files, binaries and in/out going packets just to find a bug and exploit it as much as possible until it’s fixed. This might be fun to a handful few, but ruins the fun for player whom want a fair challenge. So this is my number one duty to monitor the games on a regular basis to make sure they are working as intended and proper security measures are in place to avoid cheating as much as possible. We have developed strong automated scripts that are able to interpret the outgoing data of every single game we have on SG and check if they are legit or altered almost instantly.” — Ali K, Security Lead

Each time a vulnerability is detected and exploited, it may cost us but its money well spent when the user base is just 2,000 (at the time of writing) than brand-destroying errors later on.

Then there’s the testing. Boy oh boy do i feel for the testers. The amount of test-cases that need to be written, cross platform, cross browser and testing not only the games but features and in different conditions (processor throttling, low-fi connectivity, high-end PC based hacks such as Herz hacking) and in different environments, staging, preproduction and live! Oto, head of R&D commented

“Testing BV/SG is as fun as it is challenging. With a lot of features on the platform, the sophisticated framework requires a lot of attention to detail and a keen eye to identify areas of improvement. Testing some of the functionalities on BV/SG means beating a high score, some times even more than once, so our testers must also be able to perform well in games, which means good skills are needed to achieve great results.” — Oto, R&D director

Upcoming Features

SG hasn’t reached the feature summit yet. As technology around the world evolves and with the advent of more powerful browsers, 5G and other advancements, this will allow our team to bring real-time competitive skill gaming to another level with the below features:

Skill Gaming App

The mobile app for Android (at first, then iOS), either downloadable via the website or major app stores if possible.

Mom’s Basement

Our onsite shop for gamers to use their money to buy weapons to use against other opponents, bragging right upgrades, avatars, skins and more!


Massively multiplayer real-time battles (players on the same screen syncd over our live servers) for key games.


I’ve been sworn to secrecy on this one.


A new mode where gamers compete in a pre-set roster of games on SG and like the Olympics, they can win gold, silver or bronze medals along with prize money!


Users can team up and create and compete in Clan versions of all game modes so its not just one man standing tall but teams faceoff on all games!


You guessed it. Early work has already begun on recreating the SG universe into 3d so that gamers around the world can use their popular VR headsets and meet and compete in real time in the cyber world. Think Ready Player One >;). George stated

“For me coding for SkillGaming allows me to combine the excitement of a gamer enjoying playing games and a developer creating the most innovative web and mobile gaming platform out there Being a part of this revolution is very satisfying at both a personal and professional level, while also being rewarded by learning and expanding my knowledge in a very wide array of cutting edge technologies.”

Hait! It’s almost 4 am, I’m calling it a night. But hit me any time at [email protected]

Don’t forget to try out SG which is still in code under — soon it will all be moved over to we expect in a few weeks.

Karen out!

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