EagleFX a Reliable Platform for Forex and Crypto Trading

EagleFX Forex and Cryptocurrency Broker Option on MT4 Platform trading

As the trading space is evolving people are looking for new opportunities and variety for the same. Forex trading or essentially foreign exchange trading allows you to get hold of the fiat currencies of various countries. You get to trade and negotiate over the currencies. Over the past few years we have seen the growth curve of Forex trading which is pretty impressive. Forex is attractive because with the correct strategy you may end up with huge return rates. And forex brokers are such platforms which enable you to trade Forex and nowadays some of them even offer crypto trading alongside. This is because crypto assets are extremely volatile and high in liquidity, which makes them a preferred investment. 

EagleFX’ Award Winning MT4 Platform and Dedicated Customer Service

EagleFX is a similar global Forex Broker that offers genuinely high leverage as well as liquidity rates. It has an award winning MT4 platform which offers only the best trading spreads in the market, thus amplifying the return rates of the customer. Moreover the platform is mobile friendly which means that customers can easily trade or exchange assets using their mobile phones. EagleFX has a very dedicated customer service team which makes sure that trading with them is smooth and efficient. For any query or even just a small doubt you can access their service through a call. And most importantly they have significant partnerships with certain institutions and dark liquidity pools which provides the best conditions for trading. 

Optimal Leverage and Liquidity Rates

Eagle FX creates the best trading environment by offering high liquidity and leverage. Liquidity allows you to easily convert any asset into cash without paying any extra price. Besides, Eagle FX provides very high forex leverage which is almost equal to 1:500. High leverage allows you to trade a higher amount of money than you are willing to pay. This is because high leverage gives users exposure to a greater portion of money with only investing a small amount. The small amount is referred to as the margin value. Forex brokers are meant to be diverse and Eagle FX fulfills all the requirements of a good forex broker. 

Variety of Crypto Assets and Fiat Pairs 

Apart from common CFDs, EagleFX has a wide range of cryptocurrency trading options. Starting from Bitcoin and Ethereum, the broker offers trades on Bitcoin Cash (BCHBTC), Omg coin (OMGUSD), Litecoin (LTCUSD), Iota (IOTABIT), Neo (NEOUSD). Some major cryptocurrency pairs like BTC/USD, LTC/USD, DASH/USD, XRP/USD, ETH/USD are also up for trading.

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