CKB begins trading on Indodax

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  • Two new crypto assets are listed on Indodax trading platform,Polkadot (DOT) and Nervos Network (CKB)
  • Kevin Wang, Co-founder stated that the listing of CKB on Indodax’s platform is fascinating to develop the Nervos community
  • CKB which is among top 100 crypto tokens in the world as per CoinGecko,

A latest press release from Indonesian Bitcoin and crypto assets platform Indodax revealed that two new crypto assets are listed on their trading platform. Polkadot (DOT) and Nervos Network (CKB) are those two crypto tokens which have passed the due diligence process to be listed on their platform. These two currencies have also managed to rank under 100 out of the total 7,282 available crypto tokens. 

Why is it significant for CKB to be listed on Indodax platform

According to Kevin Wang, Co-Founder of Nervos Network, CKB is the acronym of Common Knowledge Base, and it is the base layer 1 protocol of their network, and Indonesia is the most probable market for crypto development. Kevin stated that the listing of CKB on Indodax’s platform is fascinating to develop the Nervos community, as the platform supports their presence in what they believe to be the main crypto market. According to Kevin, by registering on Indonesia’s largest crypto exchange, the firm can expand their global reach, and also creates a new layer of liquidity for CKB holders.

What role will Indodax play in CKBs growth?

As Indodax is an Indonesian digital exchange, it can play a vital role to build CKBs community. Indonesia has the highest population and largest economy than any other Southeast Asian country, it is a great opportunity for the firm’s community to drive global adoption of CKB. 

According to Kevin Wang, it is observed that in Indonesia a growing number of 30 million cryptocurrency users are available, and making CKB accessible in Indonesian market can lead the local residents of Indonesia to participate in the leading blockchain of China.

Indodax is continuing to add the best crypto assets to the line

According to Oscar Darmawan, CEO of Indodax, CKB which is among top 100 crypto tokens in the world as per CoinGecko, has been added to their list of best crypto assets. Currently, Indodax has more than 90 assets registered on their list, and many of them have shown a fabulous performance beside Bitcoin. Oscar stated that they will continue to add more crypto assets that are performing well in the world, with that they aim to introduce investment/trading instruments for their countrymen’s welfare improvement and digital financial literacy.

Oscar stated that they will open cooperation with the world’s best crypto assets, and Indodax will bridge the interest of developers globally, who have sights on the Indonesian market, which is very likely.

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