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Paradox Group launches new Crypto marketplace

Many blockchains and digital asset companies find it hard to advertise effectively. Not only have these companies been barred from mainstream advertising networks like Facebook and Google Ads, but they must often work with individual publishers or subpar advertising companies to market their services/products.

In order to solve this issue and to bring a wider diversity of marketing strategies to companies in the cryptosphere, the Paradox Group, a marketing agency focusing on advertising for blockchain companies, has recently launched a new advertising marketplace. A one-stop-shop for blockchain advertisers looking to increase their visibility and reach the right target audience, be it crypto enthusiasts, institutional investors, or day traders.

Through the Paradox Group advertising Marketplace, advertisers will be able to access different types of advertising products to fit their specific needs. From sponsored articles, press releases to news jacking for SEO and brand awareness to all types of display advertising for user acquisition.

To achieve this, the company has spent a long time gathering high tier publishers and resources. As so, Paradox ensures that blockchain companies are met with the right target audiences and demographics. Advertisers can choose between different publishers or pick from multiple pre-made packages that have shown results in the past.

The advertising marketplace lets users choose how autonomous they want to be, allowing them to set up campaigns by themselves if they have a good idea of what they need, but also to receive full support when it comes to pack arrangement and campaign management. Not only are advertisers able to create their desired campaigns with the help of the experts at Paradox Group, they can also outsource the entire work to Paradox Group which has been creating effective campaigns for advertisers in the crypto world for over 2 years now.

The new advertising marketplace is now out and available for use. Advertisers can try out the platform and even earn spending rewards according to their budgets which will give them free advertising items or sponsored posts to use in future campaigns or in addition to the campaign purchased.

Payment is accepted in over 50 currencies, including USD, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies and tokens. Advertisers will have access to a support centre with live chat support and full campaign management.

About Paradox

Founded in 2019 by Milo and Paul, the Paradox Group focuses on creating useful connections with the best blockchain and cryptocurrency-centric publishers and resources on the web. As so, Paradox Group is able to offer advertisers fully customizable campaigns that reach their desired and unique target audiences and demographics.

To learn more about the Paradox Group and to try out the advertising marketplace, visit the website.

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