Review: Algorithms helps save the identity of the user

  • No personal data is collected
  • No record of the transaction is seen
  • All the transactions are completely automated 

Cryptocurrencies have become very popular among people who believes that digital currency is the way forward. Bitcoin is one such cryptocurrency that has garnered lot of interests from all over by the traders, reason being one of the oldest crypto currencies that transfers the value from one wallet to another in real time. 

But there is one reason to worry for the traders and that is their transactions can be revealed online while doing the transactions from one wallet to another. So, how can we all get away  from this danger? Well, is the solution to the problem. The platform hides all the transactions of the traders as it mixes the bitcoin amounts with other different users. This leads to mixing of BTC coins and hides the transactions of every user. It will make it difficult for hackers to track the identities of the users. 


To secure the identity of the users Bitcoin mixer has developed algorithms that helps in keeping the identity of the user safe and help them transact without any fear. The other name for Bitcoin Mixer is Bitcoin Tumbler. The platform helps the users to do P2P payments and donations. Traders can mix the fund and give some fresh coin to the person through their service. The purpose of the service is to make sure that the blender confuses the trail because the hackers otherwise will be able to track the source. But with hackers can get confused. 

The other feature of the service is that they do not keep any log or emails sent by the user. This will further add to enhance the anonymity. Meanwhile, the user has to be very cautious of using the tumbler while transaction because if the transaction is incomplete than the users details can be viewed and hacked by the hackers. It means that the tumbler keeps the incomplete transactions intact. 

Advantages of using services

  • It helps is keeping the user anonymous
  • It helps you do the transaction at ease and without any worry
  • The transactions real time period is of three days
  • Nominal commission of 2%-5% is charged on every transaction
  • One can save the identity from the hackers and the third-party
  • The transactions are done automatically. No human help is required to run the transaction. 
  • The algorithm used to mix the coin is full-proof
  • During the KYC check, the identity of the users are not revealed 
  • Private donations can also be made easily from this platform

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