Bitcoin on an upward trend, profitable in long-term investment

  • Whale deposits, price fluctuations, high trading volumes are the reasons for falling of bitcoin
  • Analysts believe that bitcoin prices influence a lot of investors in the market
  • market sentiments are positive towards BTC for long term investment

Price fluctuations in Bitcoin do not dampen the spirit of traders. They continue to purchase BTC as they see it profitable in the long run 

The cryptocurrency industry is seeing massive interest from the traders in Bitcoin off late. The investments have risen to manifolds in BTC as it is showing the bullish trend. When Bitcoin (BTC) fell to $17,650, then many investors had expected that the coin would fall to $16,000. 

However, the digital asset showed a sharp recovery, and it made the headlines on $18,600. The analysts also believed that retail and institutional investors would see more interest in BTC and invest in this digital asset in the future even if it shows a bearish sign. They believe that investing in BTC would be a profit in the long run. 

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Analysts believe that bitcoin prices influence a lot of investors in the market. There are possibilities that Bitcoin fell to $17,650. There are many reasons for falling. They are bitcoin’s price fluctuation, whale deposit soaring high, trading volume is positive. 

Whales deposit risky for short-term 

Ki-Young Ju, CEO, CryptoQuant explained that whale deposit is showing a green signal and is bolstering new peaks. But it is a threat to the short-term performance of Bitcoin, and this could lead to a bearish trend. Whale deposits pose selling pressure on assets in the short-term. So, if fewer whales sell then, it is good for the coin, and it shows the bullish trend. He suggests that BTC may not give profit for the short term investments, but it will be very profitable in the long run. Hence, currently, the BTC is very good to purchase and hold.

Price fluctuations

The fluctuation in pricing of BTC is well-known to everyone in the market. The BTC, after a gap of 3 years, showed a bullish trend. There has been a noticeable increase in the buying volume of bitcoin. BTC first rose to $18,000 and then it went up to $18,2600 before falling to $18,500 again. This price fluctuation, however, did not pull back the sentiments of the buyers. They continued to invest in digital assets. It shows that there is a positive approach in the market towards this currency and there is increasing certainty in the market. 

Trading volume on high

As the market sentiments are positive towards BTC, the trading volume is increasing. Santiment, an on-chain analysis firm, has confirmed that investors are bullish to buy more BTC as they see profits in the long-run. When bitcoin prices recovered from a downfall, it showed confidence among the traders. Hence, the purchasing volume increased. 

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Ritika Sharma
Ritika Kumari Sharma is an Economics Honors graduate from the University of Calcutta. She is completely into finance and believes that cryptocurrencies are the future. She is an enthusiast learner about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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