Nebeus launched a crypto renting service

  • London based fintech firm Nebeus has recently launched crypto renting services
  • The renting product is similar to other renting services
  • The fintech firm has launched two rental programs Juniper and Sequoia
  • Nebeus is closer to its aim of bridging the gap between cryptos and cash

Nebeus, Barcelona, and London based fintech firm has introduced new digital currencies renting services. With the launch of new services, the fintech firm took the crypto industry to the next level by bridging the gap between crypto and cash. However, this is a unique product in the fintech and crypto industries. Indeed, it allows the holders of virtual currency to gain passive profit from their tokens without selling.

How will the newly launched service work?

The latest service offered by Nebeus works similarly to other rental services. The fintech firm users who hold cryptos like BTC and ETH tokens can rent their holdings to the firm. After taking the cryptos, the firm will pay a monthly rent to the holders, and this can be compared with property owners as they get rent from their tenants. Indeed, the rent could also be paid daily, for its use. However, the fintech firm offers two rental programs in digital asset renting.

What are the two rental programs offered by Nebeus?

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Nebeus offers two crypto renting programs, known as Juniper and Sequoia. Indeed, the Juniper renting program allows users to get up to 6.45% per annum. However, the Juniper program is for users who rent a minimum amount of 0.006 BTC ($115.01 at press time), or a similar amount of Ethereum tokens, for a minimum of 3 months.

On the other hand, the Sequoia renting program allows users to earn up to 8.45% per annum. Indeed, for this program, users have to rent a minimum amount of 0.35 BTC ($6709.04 at press time) or a similar amount of Ethereum tokens. However, once every 24hours, Nebeus allows its users to withdraw their funds, whereas all the payouts are made in European currency ‘euro.’

The latest service has filled the gap between cash and crypto

According to Sergey Romonovskiy, the chief executive officer of Nebeus, the latest renting service is another step towards their mission. Nebeus aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and cash, and with this aim, the firm has launched its latest renting service. Romonovskiy also mentioned that the crypto renting product offers individuals holding cryptos a service that will allow them to gain in a different way. Indeed, it makes sense as several individuals are investing in cryptocurrencies, it is a better way to gain stable passive income without selling their investments.

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Ahtesham Anis
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