GK8’s blockchain tool a boon for financial institutions

  • GK8 is the first company to offer blockchain analyzer attestation services
  • Banks can give full transparency of their balance sheet through the GK8 tool
  • GK8’s blockchain tool for financial institutions is a grace for them to be fair and transparent
  • The tool aims to help banks to prepare their balance sheet and quarterly reports error-free and transparent.

Banks who are dealing  in cryptocurrencies can now save a lot of time while running the financial assistance of their crypto account holders. They can use a financial balance attestation tool that will help the banks to monitor the transactions and check balances of the crypto holders and make a balance sheet in no time.

GK8, a blockchain cybersecurity company offers an end to end platform for managing blockchain-based assets. The company gives solutions to financial institutions. Banks who are using the platform by GK8 can not only secure the virtual assets but also help to give financial balance attestation on all cryptocurrency funds under them.

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Banks can use this platform for their balance sheet and quarterly reports. The platform can also be used for internal and external functions of the bank.

This blockchain analyzer was developed by the partnership between GK8 and Big 4 accounting firm. This tool collects the transaction data from various blockchain ledgers and reconciles it into clients’ books. This also helps in working on financial reporting, forensic investigations, transaction, monitoring and tax calculations. These are all based on digital assets.

GK8 is the first company to develop the blockchain analyzer tool. Lior Lamesh, CEO and Founder of GK8 feels that cryptocurrency is gaining popularity among people and a positive shift has been seen the way virtual assets are perceived in the market. The change in the acceptance of cryptocurrency by millions of people globally and is regulated by the authorities all over the world. 

The banks who give services in blockchain assets, it is necessary for them to follow the regulations and comply with them. The tool offered by GK8 is very useful for the banks to provide full transparency in their balance sheets.

GK8 has also made first air-gapped vault that enables to create, sign and send secure blockchain transactions without internet. This in result helps in vanishing all the cyber attacks.

GK8 was founded by two Israelis Lior Lamesh and Shahar Shamai. They are cyber intelligence  veterans and are popular among their peers. They have worked for Tel Aviv authorities and have secured nation’s assets from cyber theft. Marius Nacht, founder and Chairman of Checkpoint, a cybersecurity firm has been an admirer of the works of the two Israelis.

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