ITA asked Israelis to disclose their crypto holdings

  • Israeli residents will now have to disclose their crypto holdings to ITA for taxation purpose
  • The tax authority seems to obtain data from all crypto exchanges in and out of the nation to obtain the data of Israelis
  • Individual inventors are subject to 25% capital gains tax, whereas commercial investors will be charged according to individual tax brackets

On Monday, a release from the news outlet, GLOBES, revealed no cryptocurrencies owners would have to disclose their holdings to the Israel Tax Authority (ITA). The report was released after the tax authority sent notifications to dozens of Israeli residents who own digital currencies. It is known that in the notification the ITA asked the crypto owners to fully disclose their assets to be taxed according to their holdings. It is also known that the local citizen and the tax authority also sent inquiries to all the crypto exchanges in and out of the nation.

Israel obtaining information about crypto trading by citizens

The ITA across Israel has begun to put pressure on the virtual currency market. The authority is inspecting the crypto sector to collect tax accordingly. The authority sent letters to every citizen of Israel holding a digital wallet, to report all assets and income. It is also revealed that several residents don’t have any other assets despite their digital wallets. With asking individual residents to reveal their crypto holding, the tax authority submitted inquiries to every crypto exchange in and out of the nation, to obtain data about the residents trading in such currencies.

How is ITA gathering data from international digital exchanges?

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From the report of GLOBES, it is revealed that ITA has applied EU Common Reporting Standards (CRS). The CRS can help the tax authority automatically exchange financial account information and obtain data about Europe-based funds and accounts held by their citizens. Additionally, Israel gathers data through the FATCA agreement that helps fetch the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) data to the nation. 

How will the crypto holders be charged for tax in Israel?

The ITA stated that investors in Israel’s virtual currencies are subject to a 25% capital gains tax. Indeed, the tax authority also mentioned that 25% is until the user’s activity does not turn into a business enterprise. However, suppose the user is investing in virtual assets for commercial purposes. In that case, the proprietors will be charged a two-stage corporate tax, or a marginal tax according to the individual tax brackets. 

Notably, it is also revealed that the ITA has letters to the crypto holding residents in which the authority encourages them voluntarily to disclose their holdings. The authority has clearly mentioned in the letter that the users should report their income before the authority reaches them. 

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