New Year has transformed Ethereum into a New Avatar by crossing $1000

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  • Ethereum has taken the throne from XRP in altcoin race
  • Created a benchmark for other crypto coins by crossing 1000$ hurdle
  • After January 2018, 2021 became the ground breaker for Ethereum to pass 4 figure rates
  • Holding the second position in the race of cryptocurrency it is currently valued at 114.2$

This new year has brought many surprises but it took the internet by surprise when the world got the news of Ethereum success. After three years Bitcoin best companion, Ethereum crosses the four-figure rate valuing at 1051$. This has proved the consistent of efforts of both investors and people who are also giving attention to Ethereum other than Bitcoin.

Ethereum successfully attracted different types of investors

Within the ocean of Bitcoin, Ethereum has started to become the whales of that ocean. Some experts like Michael has reported that many investors are tilting solely towards Ethereum. Due to its branding and several pledge on currency digitalization, there has been a steep rise in economic investments. Ethereum has a strong plan to level up their software which in turn is making them the marketing leader in the world of cryptocurrency. 

Is this the year for Ethereum?

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As there are many investments going on in Bitcoin so many other potential investors have started their exploration for another big crypto coin like Bitcoin. Previously some reports have predicted its price to cross 300 mark but it proved its worth by changing its strategy. But now it is predicted to cross above 3000$. Due to several search interests and people’s belief on cryptocurrencies it has increased its brand value. Another important reason for smooth and proved demand is about its flexibility. A person can buy Ethereum through PayPal or any debit card. 

Ethereum, A future ahead

Surely due to its progressive increase in demand it has the ability to take the place of bitcoin and become the “Usain Bolt” of cryptocurrency. Due to huge economic growth and increase in technologies humans have started to believe that we can change the world through cryptocurrency. Ethereum has the capacity to change the perspective of many industries. As it is successfully cleared doubts in healthcare and finance industry, Ethereum is turning tables towards itself. From traditional market to cryptocurrency, Ethereum’s world has taken a leap ahead. 

Keeping the eye son Bitcoin, it has to take some more hurdles to capture market. But in all this race the ultimate winner will be the world Where we can see the digital transformation in which money transaction happens. 

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Steve Anderrson
Steve Anderson is an Australian crypto enthusiast. He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years. Steve has worked as a crypto trader, he loves learning about decentralisation, understanding the true potential of the blockchain.

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